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Sii Lodz is a new neighbor of the iconic Unicorn!

From humble beginnings to a dominant position in the technology industry – this is the story of Sii Lodz. In 2023, the branch returns to its roots by moving to a modern office in the city center. Discover the story of one of Poland’s leaders in the technology industry, from its establishment, through successes, to future ambitious plans.

History of the company and Sii Lodz branch

When it comes to the technology companies in the country, Sii Poland comes to mind as a leader in technology consulting, digital transformation, and engineering services. Sii’s experts work with some of the largest companies in Poland and abroad, providing services in modern software delivery, process and machine automation, testing, consulting, and much more. Sii Poland significantly impacts the development of various sectors, including automotive, banking and finance, hi-tech, medical, retail logistics, and utilities.

The history of one of the fastest-growing branches of the company – Sii Lodz – started in 2012. Interestingly, its opening was initiated by one of the specialists working in the Warsaw branch at the time.

— When I joined Sii, I was impressed by its rapid development and expansion into new cities. — says Krzysztof Wnuk, Architect at Sii Poland. — I also decided to lobby for an office to be established in my hometown of Lodz. The reason was simple: this is where I wanted to live and work. My efforts paid off! The first Sii Lodz office was located on the most famous street in our city – Piotrkowska Street. The promenade’s proximity fostered integration, even in the office. We often gathered there in the afternoon to play multiplayer computer games.

In recent years, the Sii Lodz office was located on Kopcinskiego Street. However, history has come full circle, and after many years, the branch has returned to the city center.

Moving to the heart of Lodz

In July 2023, Sii Lodz began a new chapter, moving to a modern office located in the heart of the city, right next to Piotrkowska Street and the iconic transfer station – “Stajnia jednorożców” (“Unicorn stable”).

— Our new office is located in the Hi Piotrkowska office building, on the 14th and 15th floors, at 157 A Piotrkowska Street — says Agnieszka Kościelecka, Regional Director Sii Lodz. — The past few months have been very intensive for many of us. We have put much effort, time, energy, and heart into the move. Thanks to it, our experts can enjoy a beautiful space created with their needs and utmost comfort in mind — she adds.

With nearly 2 400 square meters, Sii Lodz offers comfortable project and conference rooms, coworking spaces, a kitchen, and a game room. There is also a room with exercise bike, treadmill, and height-adjustable desks. The office building also provides car, bicycle, and motorcycle parking, electric car chargers, a hotel, a gym, a bank, a grocery store, and a pharmacy. The view from the office windows is also undoubtedly impressive – you can observe a splendid panorama of the city.

The decision to relocate to a new office was driven by the rapid growth of the branch, which employs around 130 new specialists each year. Furthermore, the goal was to provide specialists with a modern and comfortable workspace that would enable them to work efficiently while also promoting integration.

One of the first events organized at the new headquarters was a “housewarming party” combined with a CEO Meet-up event with the CEO and founder of Sii Poland, Gregoire Nitot. On this occasion, Workers toured the office, integrated, and got to know each other, as well as learned about the company’s plans for the near future.

Ambitious plans

With almost 600 experts on board, Sii Lodz has no intention of slowing down. Currently, they build and develop skills in programming technologies – embedded, front-end (Typescript, React), or back-end (Java, .NET). DevOps specialists and experts in cloud solutions (GCP, AWS, Azure), as well as Big Data (Python, Scala, Spark), are sought after. An important area on the branch’s roadmap is the development of the Business Services Competency Center.

Workers can look forward to cooperating with experienced specialists and the latest technologies, as well as fulfilling themselves in challenging projects. 

— Since December 2021, I have been working as a Project Manager at Sii Poland Project Management Competency Center — says Marek Wyrwicki, Project Manager at Sii Poland. — I’m working with a leading European semiconductor producer from Germany, managing a key R&D project. This project integrates various technologies – from software, machine learning, cloud, and algorithms to manufacturing processes and machine configuration. The current project allows me to grow, motivates me to be creative, has an impact on supporting a key technology for users, and allows me to build a greener world — he concludes.

The work of Sii Lodz experts drives the development of clients and their success.

— I’m working on a project for a German client — says Zbyszko Natkański, Software Engineer at Sii Poland. — Together, we’re creating a platform for selecting the most favorable mortgage loans, thus facilitating contact and cooperation between borrowers, intermediaries, and banks. The platform enables borrowers to compare loan offers and stay in constant contact with the client representative. The client plans to extend platform access to external parties, which requires data security and process separation measures. Our ultimate goal is to make the platform a leader in the real estate market in this part of Europe by providing innovative and proven solutions. — he adds.

Sii is more than a job. Programs like Mentoring or Buddy prioritize personal development, experience sharing, and integration. With the Job Changer tool, employees can request a change of position, technology, project, or work location anytime. The company also supports Workers’ passions and organizes volunteer actions – the budget for the Passion Sponsorship and Power Volunteers programs in 2023 was as much as PLN 1 million. Meetings of interest groups – Sii Communities, numerous events, and joint social activities build an integrated and close-knit team, one of the pillars of the company’s success.

Join a branch with inspiring projects, a great atmosphere, and an integrated team of co-workers!

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