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Sii opens an office in Częstochowa. Experts experienced in embedded systems and AUTOSAR architecture are the most sought after

At the beginning of September, Sii, the leader of the IT and engineering services in Poland, opened the office in Częstochowa. The development of the company on the job market in Częstochowa will provide 30 new jobs for specialists by the end of the year. They will carry out projects for clients mainly from the automotive industry.

Częstochowa is a strategic location because of the huge potential of both the people and the city – Częstochowa University of Technology, widely developed urban infrastructure and close proximity to other major cities, such as Katowice and Cracow, are just a few of the advantages, that Sii took into account when deciding to open a new office.

– In our opinion it is a great investment. We have noticed the huge potential of the market in Częstochowa in the automotive industry due to the availability of qualified specialists with domain knowledge. It is also a significant benefit for candidates. Employing over 3700 people and cooperating with over 200 clients from around the world, we offer the opportunity to develop through ambitious projects – says Krzysztof Danilewicz, Director of Sii Katowice.

Sii’s entry into the local market is also a prospect of development for the region. – We are glad that Sii has entered the job market in Częstochowa. Apart from the excellent location, the company appreciated the availability of educated personnel, which is a priority for the Częstochowa’s local authorities and a contribution to Teraz Lepsza Praca programme. The company is known in Poland for the vaste xperience and interesting projects, which will diversify Częstochowa’s employment sector. The entrance of such a partner into the market will certainly open the city to new development opportunities and future employees will have the possibility of working in a dynamic and harmonious team – says Anna Mielczarek, Deputy Manager of the Investor’s Office.

In Częstochowa there are many specialists with experience in the field of embedded systems and excellent knowledge of the automotive industry, including experts working in the AUTOSAR architecture, which is an extremely rare specialization. By the end of the year, Sii is planning to employ 30 experts in the new office. Anyone, who decides to move to Częstochowa to work at Sii, can count on the benefits package offered by the company.

In Sii’s office in Częstochowa, a project for one of Sii’s clients, which concerns connectivity has already started. It functions in an architecture based on AUTOSAR, and the main tasks of specialists include support for diagnostics in the system responsible for communication via bluetooth, WiFi, LTE and USB. It is also planned to launch further projects, such as VSG (vehicle sound generator) – software dedicated to electric and hybrid cars, which generates sound when the vehicle is moving slowly. Its purpose is to alert pedestrians to an oncoming vehicle. Another project will be to create a system for managing the distribution of power in an electric car.

Sii offers employees the opportunity to cooperate with industry leaders from all around the world and the opportunity to develop in many different technologies. Sii is also known for providing comfortable working conditions for its employees. It will not be any different in the case of Częstochowa. One of the advantages is also a modern office located in a well-connected part of the city, only 2 kilometers from the main railway station.

Sii is the fastest growing Polish company providing IT and engineering services. Currently, Sii employs over 3700 people in 12 offices throughout Poland, located in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań, Kraków, Łódź, Lublin, Katowice, Rzeszów, Bydgoszcz, Pila and Częstochowa. Sii experts implement projects for over 200 clients, and the company enables them to change the development path of the engineers through a dedicated Job Changer application. Sii is also known for its great atmosphere, which is confirmed by the title of Great Place to Work awarded to the company four times in a row.

Get to know more about Sii on the website Check Sii job offers in the career tab.

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