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Sii Poland achieves record-breaking results and shares part of the profits with its workers, who received additional PLN 21.3 million with their June pay-check 

Last year was special for Sii. It’s impossible to enumerate all the moments of joy, success, and mobilizing challenges. One of the highlights for Sii workers was definitely introducing a new benefit – profit sharing. All “Sii Power People”, as the company refers to its workers, entitled to it received PLN 4 090 on top of their regular pay-check in June. – We’re all working for the profit, so it’s only fair that everyone should benefit from it – says Gregoire Nitot, CEO and founder of Sii Poland. 

Time of summaries 

Since the very beginnings it has been our mission to identify and promote our best workers, and we can proudly say we realized it over the last fiscal year by 156 internal promotions to managerial positions. Thanks to the people who embody the 14 core values of Sii, we achieve our 5 strategic goals. 

 – Each year I am amazed that we manage to maintain or even increase our growth pace. We had a record-breaking year, and the numbers exceed my expectations. Moreover, we have kept a high level of workers’ satisfaction, which is reflected by our Great Place to Work results and taking the 3rd place in Poland among all workplaces above 500 employees. We’re looking forward with excitement because there’s so much more we can achieve and reaching equally ambitious goals next year is what drives us – says Gregoire Nitot. 

We ended the financial year on a high note, and the numbers speak for themselves. 

  • We made nearly PLN 1.4 billion in revenue with the 37% increase compared to the previous year.  
  • We have generated PLN 186 million of net profit.  
  • We have increased the headcount by 1 746 people, including 124 workers, who returned to Sii.  
  • We supplied the Polish economy with PLN 227 million in taxes and social security contributions (CIT, PIT, ZUS, VAT, etc.) paid in Poland. 

Time of sharing 

To achieve such outstanding results, far above the competition, it takes ambition, hard work, dedication, passion and commitment of more than 7 000 Power People. Therefore, Gregoire Nitot has found a way to show how much he appreciates the efforts of workers, by introducing profit sharing – a new benefit on which the company spent over PLN 21.3 million this year alone. 

Each year, when Sii sp. z o.o. generates a net profit margin higher than 10% of the revenue, and when Sii pays dividends to its shareholders, 1/3 of the net profit above 10% will be divided equally among workers. This year the reward for engagement and contribution to the company’s results and achieving the company’s goals reached an amount of 4 090 PLN for each worker entitled to the benefit on top of their regular pay-check June. 

– I wanted to thank the workers for their great performance. Power People’s work contributes to Sii’s success and thanks to them we can achieve such outstanding results. We’re all working for the profit, so it’s only fair that everyone should benefit from it. It is also one of the means to realize Sii’s third strategic objective: workers’ satisfaction – adds Gregoire Nitot. 

Time of development 

But the list of milestones doesn’t end here. Two of 14 our branches have exceeded of 1 300 people on board. The first was Sii Gdańsk, and right after that came our Warsaw branch. In addition, Sii Wrocław is close to hitting 1 000, Sii Lublin and Sii Kraków both celebrated 700 people on board and Sii Białystok, our newest branch, the first 100 workers. In the coming months we will open new offices in Szczecin and Toruń.  

Our project teams also grow in numbers. The Digital Competency Center, focusing on building mobile and web apps as well as user experience and e-commerce, is the first tech team to cross the milestone of 1 000 experts. Sii’s success wouldn’t be possible without the developing relations with our customers. Three brands have the status of our platinum clients, which means that we deliver projects for them, are worth more than PLN 100 million per year. In addition, more project teams have exceeded the number of 600 FTEs per client. 

In addition to the development in Poland, we have brought off a strategic acquisition of Sii Ukraine, and despite the current situation we have ambitious expansion plans in the East. 

Time for new talents 

The development of Sii Poland wouldn’t have been possible without the talented experts who stand behind this success, but the development also means many opportunities. New clients and expanding relationships with existing ones offer countless opportunities to choose between interesting and challenging projects. 

We are currently looking for specialists for well-known areas such as Java, .NET, DevOps, Testing, and Frontend, but also for niche areas such as Salesforce, Cybersecurity, Dynamics 365, Power BI as well as Magento and UX experts. With hundreds of projects in the works, we have the right challenge for everyone. 

Next year we hope for even better results and fascinating projects. And you can’t miss it! So see what we have to offer and apply. 

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