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Sii Poland awarded the prestigious CIR certificate for the EVAA research project. Find out how the company supports the fight against world hunger

Once again, Sii Poland has been awarded the esteemed Research Tax Credit (CIR) certification. This time it was awarded for Sii’s research and development work on a project aimed at ending world hunger, the Ecological Vertical Agriculture Assistant (EVAA). The certification from the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation marks a significant milestone for Sii, opening up new possibilities for the company.

The innovative EVAA project, implemented by the engineers of the Embedded Competency Center, with the support of the Passion Sponsorship Program, enabled Sii to earn the prestigious certification. In collaboration with experts from the Tri-City scientific community, Sii engineers created an AI-driven control station for hydroponic plant breeding. This cutting-edge method allows plants to grow without soil, supplying necessary nutrients through water where roots are immersed. 

The project has been recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, which grants a tax credit for research and development, also known as the ‘Crédit d’impôt recherche’ (CIR). This tax incentive program encourages companies to invest in research and development and signifies excellence in R&D activities in France. With the accreditation, companies engaged in eligible activities can claim a tax credit significantly reducing their tax liability. 

Revolutionizing agriculture with AI – Sii’s future-proof EVAA project 

Sii engineers use the reinforced learning approach for this project, which is a specialized type of artificial intelligence. In this way, the algorithm only receives a feedback signal as a prize if the plant develops well. This approach minimizes the use of water and fertilizers, making EVAA an eco-friendly solution that helps to fight the problems of modern ecology with the help of AI. The EVAA project has received recognition from the international community as well.  

— Internet users voted it one of the top projects in the Intel Innovate FPGA competition for its innovative use of technology to address famine and ecological threats — explains Paweł Czapiewski, Subject Matter Expert at the Embedded Competency Center at Sii Poland. — What’s more, the Sii project team was invited to the GPU programming workshop organized by the Helmholtz Institute — he adds. The workshop included model learning on graphics cards and running code on one of Europe’s top supercomputers. 

CIR accreditation – a driver for Sii to innovate further to gain a competitive edge 

Sii being accredited with CIR certification offers numerous benefits to French-based companies working on an eligible R&D project, including significant financial incentives through tax credits, making investing in new research projects and technologies easier.

— The financial support that French-based companies can receive, thanks to Sii’s accreditation, can help them undertake more ambitious and innovative R&D projects with Sii Poland — says Grzegorz Trepka, Account Executive at Sii Poland.  

This support can lead to the development of new products, services, or processes that improve market position. With the CIR accreditation, Sii Poland is more likely to engage in collaborative R&D projects with other companies, research institutions, and universities, leading to more efficient and effective use of resources and a higher likelihood of success. Thanks to this, Sii can improve its competitiveness in the marketplace, especially in the industries where technological innovation is critical to success. 

— The CIR accreditation is a recognized standard of excellence in R&D activities in France — explains Grzegorz Trepka. — It strengthens Sii’s reputation and increases its visibility among potential customers, opening the company’s doors to clients looking to expand their business into new markets — he adds. 

Receiving the CIR accreditation is a significant achievement for Sii. The recognition and prestige associated with this accreditation are a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and technological development.

— The CIR accreditation will also increase Sii’s visibility among potential investors and partners by proving Sii’s capabilities as a reliable partner in technological advancement — concludes Grzegorz Trepka

Learn about Sii Poland’s one-stop shop offer and how we can support your business. Contact our expert to discuss cooperation opportunities. 

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