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Sii Poland’s partnership with Neotys means designing load tests 10 times faster and 90% less time for test maintenance

Sii became an official partner of Neotys – performance testing platform provider for enterprise organizations, enabling continuous testing of APIs and applications. Their product NeoLoad, a leading load testing platform, is a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Software Test Automation for the second year in a row. With NeoLoad you can design load tests 10 times faster and save even 90% of time needed for test maintenance.

Decision to partner with Neotys was a strategic one for Sii. Adding NeoLoad to the company’s continuous testing portfolio alongside Tricentis Tosca, qTest & LiveCompare allows Sii to offer their clients market-leading solutions for both functional and non-functional tests.

NeoLoad, the Neotys’ leading product, is a performance testing platform that enables assessment of the application’s performance and support the organization’s operations concerning test automation, team collaboration, and integration with the DevOps toolchain. It is the only load testing platform for Cloud-ready apps, microservices architectures, mobile and IoT apps as well as enterprise-grade packaged apps.

How Sii’s clients can benefit from it?

Thanks to Neotys Sii engineers can provide an even higher quality of load testing to clients and ensure top software performance. From the client’s perspective, it’s important because it goes hand to hand with software quality and has a huge impact on users’ perception of a brand. Today end users pay attention not only to the quality of software but also to its performance. If a user perceives bad performance from your website, he is more likely to visit your competition site. So all those issues can have a huge impact on your business.  Marketing studies show that:

  • 35% of user will have a negative perception of a brand if the website is slow
  • 37% of consumers will shop elsewhere if a site or mobile app fails to load in three seconds or less

What is more, many companies realized that their software needs to ensure a much larger flow of users and data so the demand for performance test grows exponentially.

– We believe that top software performance can build competitive advantage, strengthen brand reputation and increase the user base of our clients. All of those benefits have a direct impact on our clients revenue. That is why Sii delivers a full package of Software Quality Services that include both functional and non-functional testing – says Marcin Laksander, Testing Competency Center Director.

Load tests 10 times faster and saving even 90% of test maintenance time

With NeoLoad, you can design tests 10 times faster than with legacy tools (LoadRunner/Jmeter) and achieve an average time savings up to 90% on test maintenance. – We deliver testing services, including test automation and risk-based testing that help our clients to reduce time-to-market and NeoLoad supports this perfectly – adds Marcin Laksander.

NeoLoad is a perfect tool for continuous testing companies. It supports automation, collaboration, and integration within your toolchain to enable Agile and DevOps teams support their performance engineering effort. All these and wide technology ecosystem (NeoLoad supports HTTP/2, GWT, MQTT, IoT, SAP, Oracle EBS, Oracle Forms, Flex, Micro Services, Video adaptive bitrate streaming and more) makes this tool a perfect platform for enterprise clients that Sii is working with.

The overall performance of an application could jeopardize everything for a company. To avoid that clients need to enhance the software delivery chain at every step by quickly identify performance bottlenecks. Sii’s partnership with Neotys responds to such needs as:

  • plugging in performance testing within CI/CD toolchain,
  • simplifying performance test design creation,
  • getting an automatic pass/fail result based on performance SLAs,
  • getting detailed load test metrics & reports.

The partnership was signed for both Sii Poland and Sii Sweden, so clients of both companies can benefit from effective load testing with Neotys. If clients decide to cooperate with Sii as a Managed Testing Service Provider, we take full responsibility for product licenses and deliver full service including NeoLoad platform, test automation processes, and take care of the execution of tests. To learn more about NeoLoad, contact us via our website.

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