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Sii Poland empowers the modern workplace in the retail industry

In the era of robust online shopping, the retail industry is more dynamic than ever. Those changes affect not only the customer experience, but also the whole internal environment of the organizations that increasingly allow for remote collaboration of their employees. For years, Sii Poland has been there to provide and develop Microsoft 365 business applications which go far beyond PowerPoint and Excel.

The solutions delivered by Sii experts to retail giants, including Puma, Reckitt Benckiser and Staples show that with Microsoft cloud-based applications, every business area can be improved and modernized. Learn how they can improve your company’s operations.

Cloud for retail – the power of collaboration and workflows

Easier collaboration leads to more initiative and uses the employee’s full potential. It can also contribute to a giant time and money savings. With remote work style being more popular than ever, proper tools can simplify a huge part of store audits, internal meetings and supply chain procedures, and reduce travels.

With Microsoft Teams, workers can communicate anytime and anywhere, conduct meetings and trainings, work on projects together in real time, share notes and much, much more. SharePoint is yet another great, versatile tool to easily store and find company documents.

Supporting remote work with flexible, modern tools helps maintain a better work-life balance. According to a 2020 study on job-related stress, 75% of employees say that their work-life balance had improved when they started working remotely. Gallup Research also confirms that remote work improves business outcomes and attracts talent.

Make scheduling easy with paper-free and hassle-free Shifts apps. The company-wide rollout of the same applications is a great way of making sure everyone can submit schedule requests, as well as update and access the latest information. No more repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone process.

– With Shifts, one of our clients has been able to decrease the need for additional calls and fixes, which allowed them to speed up complex scheduling by up to 40% – says says Tomasz Rabiński, Microsoft 365 Competency Center Manager at Sii Poland.

Intelligent workflows are a game-changer and retail is a huge example of that. Removing layers of manual work results in a quicker, safer and easy to control process.

With Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate, the sky is the limit.  Workflows can range from automated process for price negotiation requests, to delivery process workflow, to market polling and much, much more.

A great example is a one-of-a-kind, scalable Mould Management System (MMS), created by Sii Poland for Reckitt Benckiser, the global leader in the production of health, hygiene and home products. With a customized workflow it was possible to fully automate the process of registering and controlling elements used as templates for packaging production.

– To make all the processes even quicker, as an addition to M365 tools, we are implementing Adobe Sign electronic signature solution in many of our client’s organizations. It is a highly secure, advanced and globally recognized way to create an end-to-end workflow. Adobe calculates that reducing manual signature steps saves employees 1.5 hours per transaction, on average, which is a great advantage for retail companies – says Tomasz Rabiński.

The importance of an established modern workplace implementation framework

In Sii Poland, our core mission is to support the company in creating the best suited digital workplace environment. From the in-depth analysis of needs and possibilities to migration, implementation, custom development and support, we are the one-stop-shop for all things M365. We understand that the proper adoption and training is a crucial step to ensure you are using your tools fully and in accordance with Microsoft best practices.

– The multitude of new tools and their features can be pretty overwhelming, especially when it’s your first time working with them. And the truth is, an average user doesn’t need every piece of it. With our adoption and training programs, we help to properly select useful functionalities for every department and business role. We want our clients to get the best value for money and prepare them for the fourth industrial revolution – says Adrian Gola, Head of Retail, Logistics & Consumer Products Industry at Sii Poland.

Check out our projects for Puma and find out about automated form approval, digital testing platform and more.

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