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Sii Poland engineers make their mark in devices chosen by one-third of all hearing aid users globally

Sii Poland engineers are frequently involved in various stages of development of solutions that improve lives of millions of people. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing aids was looking for a technology partner offering flexible cooperation models and unique resources. The goal was to create automated validation and continuous integration solutions to support an in-house unit responsible for embedded software components. Experts from Sii’s Embedded Competency Center took up this challenge.

Since 2016 Sii Poland has been cooperating with one of the top manufacturers of hearing aids and accessories in the world. This industry innovator helps people regain and improve quality of their hearing. Its uncompromised dedication to quality is reflected in its market success – it manufactures one in every three hearing aids used worldwide! The company was looking for a technological partner with experience in delivering complex embedded projects to accelerate its product development. Sii Poland stood up to the task by creating a dedicated test environment.

Since the beginning of the cooperation Sii team has been responsible for automated validation and continuous integration. These solutions are key to the Customer’s platform development department, a unit that creates embedded software components essential to bringing hearing aids and related accessories to life. Thanks to this collaboration, Sii’s Customer has increased its development capabilities without need for additional investments.

– Our highly qualified embedded engineers constantly contribute to designing and developing a dedicated test environment, both software and hardware, tailored to fit the customer’s specific domain needs – says Tomasz Sokołowski, a Delivery Manager at Sii Poland. – Scope of their responsibilities covers the whole continuous integration and dev-ops process: from automated code style checking, unit testing with static and dynamic analysis, through building scripts and automated target testing, to generating reports as well as publishing and releasing test results. Each stage is completed using most up-to-date tools and approaches – adds Tomasz.

Such cooperation is a mutually beneficial relationship where both sides see great value. The projects combine a high degree of technical complexity and innovation, but there is also another aspect that drives our engineers. A real positive impact on the quality of people’s life is what gives us double motivation to do our best – says Bartosz Borowy, an Account Executive at Sii Poland.

Sii experts were engaged in preparing target testing of complex hearing aid system and its ecosystem that required designing and introducing reliable test farm, running on several machines at the same time. A solution they created helps to test BLE communication, power consumption performance, streaming of audio signal and interface between hearing aid, user and accessories. All of this to provide users with modern, high-quality and safe devices improving the comfort of their everyday life. Moreover, one of the challenges Sii experts had to tackle was to optimize various processes related to documentation. As a result, they successfully reduced the cost and effort of maintaining vast documentation, by automating the process of its generation and archiving.

The professionalism and commitment of Sii team have been recognized by the customer, who emphasizes that it is essential for consultants to be critical, proactive and to openly share their insights. Such an attitude, on top of solid experience, helped Sii to become an important element of the customer’s technological advantage and a partner with whose engineers it’s possible to  consult solutions on equal terms, and gain truly valuable feedback.

Contact us to check how we can help your business grow or see other services we deliver for healthcare industry having ability to work according to medical standards and proudly supporting companies such as Roche, Qiagen, Fresenius and Reckitt Benckiser.

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