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Sii Poland experts improved the sales processes at Becton Dickinson using Power Apps

Becton Dickinson, a leading company in the global medical technology market, faced the challenge of improving its sales management processes. The solution proposed by Sii Poland experts based on Microsoft technologies, including Power Apps, made it possible to automate existing business processes, and completely replaced the systems used before. As a result, sales departments were provided with a convenient tool that helps develop the company’s pricing policy based on reliable information.

Better sales management at a global organization

Becton Dickinson is a global leader offering innovative solutions for supporting, among others, medical and genomic testing as well as increasing the quality and speed of infectious diseases and cancer diagnosis.

The company faced several challenges in the area of sales management, which required improvement. Becton Dickinson needed a single platform-based tool supporting sales departments in the area of planning and prediction. The new solution was intended to replace the less efficient systems used by the company at that time.

The challenge in the project was to optimize sales support tools in a way allowing:

  • synchronization of a large number of operations,
  • quick generation of price corridors,
  • improvement of the efficiency of data analysis.

The solution based on Microsoft Power Apps turned out to be an answer to the client’s needs. It is a platform for creating custom applications that can be used inside an organization for specific business purposes and shared externally to manage the client’s business processes. The developed apps can be used on desktop and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows).

– One of BD’s goals was to find a way to maximize the benefits of investing in Microsoft 365. Our team quickly realized that the solution to the current situation could be to use the existing subscription and Power Platform technology. We invited Sii experts specializing in this area to join the project – says Istvan Szabo, Pricing Director at Becton Dickinson.

Power Apps advantage

The use of Microsoft tools allowed business processes’ integration within one solution, their automation and improved workflows.

– The advantage of Microsoft Power Apps lies in its quick implementation. The so-called “quick win” can be achieved in less than a few days, providing the business with a turnkey solution. Implementations that took several months can now be complete in a fraction of the time. With the Power Apps technology, we can develop scalable business applications that increase the efficiency of each organization, saving time and money – says Artur Rusek, Business Development Manager at Sii.

Sales improvement in practice

Based on the Power Apps (Model Driven Apps) technology, a dedicated team of experts from Sii and Becton Dickinson prepared a tool that provides sales departments with the knowledge and information needed to make sales decisions. The new solution also helps optimize prices, giving reliable information about sales and margin policy.

The System is provided with historical data from various sources, geographic regions and markets in which the company sells its products. The user then creates a price corridor for the selected geographic scope and product group. The tool analyses the data collected and generates a margin limit proposal on its basis. In most cases, the proposed values are accepted without additional modification. It also offers a number of reports and visualizations (Power BI) that help the user select the right values.

The following Microsoft solutions were used in the project:

  • PowerApps (online)
  • Flow
  • Azure (Azure Functions, Application Insights, Azure SQL, Azure Data Factory, AAD, Storage Account, KeyVault, Azure Redis Cache, Elastic App Search, Elastic Search, Kibana, Azure Automation)
  • Power BI
  • Sway
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Yammer
Future prospects

Becton Dickinson sees Power Apps as a part of building a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing market that brings new challenges every day.

More business areas are waiting to be developed with these tools. One of them is a configurator of products offered by the client that will use the already created functionalities. This will be a one-of-a-kind solution enabling the implementation of the entire research project, from product configuration to the analysis of the obtained data.

Taking into account the scalability of the solutions provided by Sii Poland, Becton Dickinson plans to develop the created solutions and make them available in all markets where it operates.

To learn more about MS Dynamics 365 solutions, visit our website.

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