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Sii Poland is one of the most valuable Polish brands according to Rzeczpospolita

On 28th May, the results of the 15th Ranking of the Most Valuable Polish Brands of the Rzeczpospolita daily were revealed. Sii Poland made its debut in the 80th place, and the value of its trademark was estimated at PLN 131.8 million. This year’s ranking includes 221 brands.

For the 15th time, the Rzeczpospolita daily has prepared the Ranking of the Most Valuable Polish Brands. This year, Sii Poland appeared in the ranking for the first time, taking the 80th place on the list, next to brands such as Orlen, Asseco, PZU, Tauron and Play. The experts from the Vistula Academy of Finance and Business were the editorial team’s partners in the preparation of brand valuation. Based on an objective methodology developed by a team of specialists, the Sii’s trademark was valued at PLN 131.8 million.

The list included brands that:

  • were established in Poland (regardless of which entities they are owned at the moment – Polish or foreign);
  • sales revenue under a given brand in 2020 exceeded PLN 20 million.

While estimating the brand value, among others, the following methods were used:

  • differences between the market value and book value of the enterprise;
  • a method based on the calculation of potential license fees (franchises);
  • “Brand Relevance Index” – estimated brand impact on sales volume or price premium on products.

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