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Sii Poland with the sixth Great Place to Work title in a row and the Legend status!

For the sixth time, the analysis of anonymous employee questionnaire and culture audit played a decisive role in Sii’s winning the prestigious Great Place to Work in Poland Award! Sii Poland ranked second in the Best Large Workplaces with over 500 Workers category. This year, Sii was also honoured with the Legends title, a distinction for companies that entered the competition five times in a row and were among the winners. The recognition in the most prestigious HR ranking proves that the company, which employs over 4,500 experts, creates a stable and friendly workplace.

For the first time, the Great Place to Work title went to Sii Poland in 2015, when the company employed 2,000 people. This year, the company won it for the 6th time in a row, gaining recognition from a team whose numbers have been growing regularly over recent years – in 2020 the number of Sii experts exceeded 4,500. Second place in the category of enterprises with over 500 people is not the only distinction in this year’s competition. Sii was also honoured with the Legends title, awarded to companies that have been among the winners five times in a row, and was also on the list of Best Workplaces for Millenials for the third time, taking sixth place in this category.

–  This title is one of the most significant awards to us because it shows transparently what our Workers think of Sii as an employer. We can all feel very proud because, at such a fast pace of growth, the atmosphere and team spirit remain great. Even now, when we work from home, thanks to technology we can still be together and support each other in achieving our ambitious goals in this difficult time. Those new conditions are also a test to our flexibility and solidarity and so far we are passing it with flying colors – says Gregoire Nitot, Sii’s founder and CEO.

This year’s winners in all categories were announced during a virtual gala, which took place on April 16. – Sixth victory in a row is a source of pride for all of our People Power! We all create our company together, carry out the mission, achieve goals and operate on a daily basis according to our 14 key values. This award confirms it! On the other hand, it is also a responsibility and commitment to further efforts and improvement of certain areas. But today, above all, we are celebrating, and although online and at a distance, we are happy and proud in our hearts! – says Joanna Kucharska, CHRO at Sii Poland.

The key element of the Great Place to Work survey are the opinions of employees, which account for 2/3 of the total score. The assessment includes 5 dimensions: credibility, respect, honesty, pride, and companionship. This year’s great results allowed the company to repeat the success of previous years. “Taking everything into consideration, my company is a great place to work,” declared 89% of Sii employees, which is 2% better than last year. Since the first audit in 2014, the company’s rating in this dimension has been gradually increasing. The remaining 1/3 is a company’s cultural audit, which includes an analysis of its procedures, processes, and all habits.

– We took part in the Great Place to Work survey for the first time in 2014. At that time, we signed up for the Culture Audit, and in 2015 we celebrated the award for the first time. The idea to participate in the survey came from our CEO and founder, Gregoire Nitot – says Joanna Kucharska. – We wanted to check, using an independent survey and reliable methodology, how our employees’ satisfaction level is shaped. Whether what we hear from them during our performance appraisals or over coffee is actually a majority opinion. It turned out that this is the case, and verifying the results of the study, which clearly indicate which areas were rated highest and which relatively low, we have found that it is also a great tool for measuring the satisfaction level of certain activities and areas in the organization. One of our flagship projects, which was introduced after the CSR area was marked red in the assessment, is the Sii Power Volunteers program and a lot of volunteer activities related to it. Another project supporting employees’ passions, showing that we care not only about achieving professional goals, is the Passion Sponsorship Program. We have also implemented the tool and the whole process to change the project or department after the employees indicated that they lack a flexible path of fast development – adds Kucharska.

This year’s Great Place to Work results show that activities undertaken by Sii in previous years, such as launching the Passion Sponsorship Program, focusing on charity Sii Power Volunteers, or the Job Changer application that allows changing the career path, are currently indicated by employees as the best initiatives of the past year. A thorough analysis and communication of survey results along with a list of further improvement actions are key processes, which give Sii’s employees confidence that their opinions have a real impact on the level of job satisfaction.

In the group of best workplaces in Poland, next to Sii were such companies as: Cisco, Dell, Bosch, Objectivity, 3M or EY Polska. Like last year, the winners were selected from the group of companies with the Great Place to Work® Certificate. The certificate confirms that the company builds and develops the exceptional and unique relationships with its employees.

Watch the video prepared by Sii Power People for the online gala announcement of the results of the Great Place to Work competition.

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