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Sii Power People work for nature – International Earth Day

On April 22, we celebrate the International Earth Day, which aims to promote pro-ecological activities and build public awareness of how fragile and dependent on people our planet is. At Sii Polska, employees have planned a series of volunteer projects for this spring and summer that affect both nature and local communities. There are, among others: cleaning the forest, planting flower meadows, tidying up the courtyard at the Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw, or working in the garden at the “Dom na Skraju” Association in Gdańsk.

Flowering meadows for insects

One aspect of ecological activities is building awareness of the importance of insects for our planet. It is worth recalling that Sii Poland has been supporting the Sii Power Bee project and the apiary with a flower meadow since last year. This spring, activities for insects were also carried out in other cities.

The Poznań branch of Sii joined forces with other companies of the ABSL Association. On April 6-20, employees took part in the Green Walk Around the Block project, in which each participant, during a short walk in his area, collected the small rubbish they encountered, and the funds collected for participation in the campaign will be supported by institutions working for the environment. These are: Mały Olimpijczyk Association and the educational project Little Friends of Insects, building awareness of the importance of insects among children, the Leśne Dziki Foundation and a project to build vegetable gardens in Miękowo near Poznań, and the Suchy Las commune, where new flower beds will be created.

Employees from the Lublin branch planted a new flower meadow right next to the Sii Polska office building. The “Bees’ stop” campaign was organized and supported by an internal local interest group of GardenerSii, which in the coming season will observe the meadow and insects, as well as promote plant breeding among employees.

Cleaning of green areas

In the Krakow branch, this Saturday, April 24, on the occasion of the International Earth Day, there will be a forest cleaning campaign in the Krzeszowice Forest District, engaging volunteers from Sii Polska together with their families. In Warsaw, also on Saturday, Sii Power Volunteers have planned cleaning in the green area of the Children’s Health Center: there will be cleaning and maintenance works, as well as new plantings for the upcoming spring and summer season.

Volunteers from Sii Gdańsk will also gain new experience in designing a garden and growing plants. In the Sii Power Volunteers Program, in spring and summer, they will jointly participate in a project for the “Dom na Skraju” Association, under which common gardening activities and work for volunteers from Sii and children from the Association will take place throughout the season.

We take care of the seas – eco-workshops at the Gdynia Aquarium

2021 marks the beginning of the Decade of Ocean Science, proclaimed by the United Nations. It’s time to turn our attention to the existing threats to the ocean and fight for the health of our planet. The answers to the question of where to start caring for the sea will be sought by volunteers from Sii Gdańsk with children together with educators from the Gdynia Aquarium Education Center during scientific workshops and work with sea animals. As part of the activities of the Aquarium, in addition to classes and volunteering for families, Sii Poland supported Zuzia, the dwarf crocodile, which is a dying out species, and donated a grant for the modernization of its enclosure.

If you want to work in a company that is sensitive to environmental and social problems, see our job offers.

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