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Power People have shown their unique passions in this year’s issue of the Sii calendar. Take a look at the pictures and discover what makes them unstoppable!

This is the 9th edition of the Sii Poland Calendar, which has become our company’s tradition. For several years, we have organized photo sessions and photo contests annually, which every employee or associate of Sii can take part in. In 2021, the photos for the calendar were selected through a competition, in which Power People had the opportunity to show what the slogan of the 15th-anniversary campaign “We have been unstoppable for 15 years!” means.

Unstoppable for 15 years!

2021 was a special year for Sii Poland – not only did the company celebrate its 15th-anniversary, but also exceeded one billion PLN in revenue and reached 6,000 Power People. To share these results with the world, and above all to thank our employees for their contribution to these achievements, the company launched a nationwide campaign “Unstoppable for 15 years #UnstoppableSii”.

Passion drives Sii Power People

Passion is one of Sii’s values ​– understood not only as a passion for IT and technology but also the one that we pursue after hours. In Sii Poland, many projects are carried out based on employees’ passions, including the Passion Sponsorship Program or initiated by Sii volunteers. The company appreciates people who persistently develop their hobbies. A great example is the heroes of the campaign celebrating the 15th-anniversary ­– Katarzyna, Kamil, and Remek, who work in Sii’s branches in Warsaw, Katowice, and Lublin daily and, in addition to their commitment to work and professional duties, pursue their interests with great success.

Sii Poland 2022 Calendar

The idea behind the 9th edition of the Sii Poland Calendar was to present the passion of employees through the prism of the theme of the campaign celebrating the company’s 15th-anniversary. On the Calendar pages, you can see 12 Power People from different branches of the company, who through their photos showed what ‘unstoppable’ means for them – these are fascinating stories of passion, strength, and commitment.

All photos included in the Calendar were selected as part of a photo competition. More than 60 photographs were submitted to the competition, among which with our employees voting at the company’s forum, 12 winners were selected. The competition was very exciting – until the last moment it was not certain which photo would win the main prize, that is – a travel voucher worth PLN 5,000.

– I am very glad that my friends from Sii liked my photo, this is very satisfying – says Bartłomiej Trzewiczek, a Java programmer from Sii Kraków, the winner of the main prize. – Looking at the photo, you can guess that mountains are one of my passions. Both the smaller ones, perfect for a weekend hike, and the larger ones, requiring a more professional approach, equipment, and skills. In May 2021, shortly after the temporary ease-down of pandemic restrictions in Europe, I decided to go with a group of my friends to the Austrian Alps. The main aim of the trip was to ascend the Wildspitze (3,768 m), the second-highest peak in Austria. The photo was just taken during the “peak attack”. To say the least, I like it a lot. I managed to capture the weather conditions prevailing at that time – a strong wind with a virtually cloudless sky. We reached Wildspitze, and my victory in the competition makes the satisfaction with the trip double at this point – says Bartłomiej.


People with passion are unstoppable!

Interesting projects and unique challenges at work at Sii make Power People motivated every day to go further without stopping and to develop and work on the best solutions for clients.

And what is “unstoppable” for the winners of the 2022 Calendar project?

– I think that everyone can interpret this slogan in their way and this is their strength. Being unstoppable is the lack of fear against broadly understood challenges, it is the willingness to explore the world, being active, open to other people, other cultures, and traditions. And that’s what I’m trying to be. The world is beautiful and I would like to get the most out of it, Bartłomiej explains.

– For me, being unstoppable is associated with an unlimited possibility of making your dreams come true! – says Małgorzata Ząbek, Test and Analysis Engineer from Sii Lublin, the heroine of the May calendar card.


Krzysztof Bielawski, System Administrator, Sii Białystok interprets the motto as follows: In my opinion, being unstoppable is treating adversity as a way to an end.


This year’s Calendar is complemented by the celebration of the company’s 15th anniversary, exceeding a one billion PLN in revenue and 6,000 employees. At Sii, we hope that the photos in the Calendar will inspire everyone for 2022.

Together we are unstoppable ­– join passionate people!   #UnstoppableSii 

See all photos from the 2022 Calendar:













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