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Sii programmes for the automotive industry in Germany and USA

Sii has built, for the German client, a team of control engineers who are working on the modification of the production line for General Motors. These lines produce automatic transmission gearboxes, dedicated to cars with rear-wheel drive. As part of the project Sii is working on 6 machines: 2 automatic and 4 semi-automatic.

The tasks of Sii engineers first and foremost was to write a software for the PLC control system (from Siemens) based on the client’s standard and the standard applied in the automotive industry.says Przemysław Grzanka, responsible for cooperation with ThyssenKrupp. – The next step was the preliminary launch (pre-commissioning) of the machines onsite in Germany. At this stage, our engineers verify if the software written controls the machine as described in the client’s specifications and in the time cycle defined by the client. During this phase, Sii engineers verify the correctness of connections and addressing of all the electrical components that are part of the machine. They are also responsible for the parameterisation and commissioning of all components of industrial automation, from which the machine is built. This stage ends with conducting of the functional approval. The last step is departure with the machine to the target plants (mostly in the U.S. and China), where the task of Sii engineers is the re-launching (commissioning) of the machine. This stage ends when the machine in the target factory reaches a state, such as during the pre-commissioning stage.

Sii started working with ThyssenKrupp System Engineering at the end of 2012, consistently expanding its activities in the field of automation. ThyssenKrupp System Engineering is part of the powerful German concern, which is engaged in mechanical and electrical engineering for the automotive, aerospace and energy industries. ThyssenKrupp System Engineering is another client of Sii in the field of automation and electrical engineering.


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