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    We are conquering the telecommunications market

    The Sii’s offer dedicated to the telecommunications industry is a result of 11 years of experience in the implementation of projects for the biggest entities in this sector and leading Polish and international mobile operators. In practice, a half of the activities of Sii within this area consist of services in the Managed Services model. Staffing and Team Leasing have the biggest share in the other part mentioned. Two years ago, the company took over the Polish branch of Sofrecom, an IT arm of Orange. However, plans for the development on the telecommunications market are even more ambitious.


    According to our observations, when looking for new ideas for business, more and more often, operators reach out for solutions that connect the basic telecommunication layer with its complex IT and application surrounding. At the same time, many operators still use IT systems, which are not able to meet the current needs, many of works are performed in an ineffective manner. This is where external companies can offer them a great deal. However, when it comes to the telecommunications sector, similar to other industries, we do not want to be a simple provider of less or more complicated services to our Clients. We see ourselves in the role of a partner, who understands the problems of telecommunications companies and who creates comprehensive solutions, adjusted to the needs of this market — comments Jerzy Bartman, Head of Telco & Industry Business Unit at Sii Poland.

    IT solutions dedicated to the telecommunications industry play an increasing role in the face of the challenges that its representatives will have to confront. These include, among others, a decrease of the average revenue per user – a phenomenon that has been observed for years, especially in the case of voice call and text message services, which is not complemented enough by new services -above all data transfer services. New competitors in the rivalry for Clients’ attention have also emerged on the market, such as Skype, WhatsApp or Netflix. Changes stemming from legal regulations, e.g. cancellation of roaming charges in the European Union and mobile termination rates, are another challenge for the industry. On the other hand, according to Jerzy Bartman, new opportunities for the telecommunications industry open thanks to cloud solutions, the Internet of Things and the digitalisation of companies. In the face of all presented challenges, support provided by good technological partners will be a key asset.

    Sii has extensive IT competencies, a flexible attitude towards the model of providing IT services and experiences collected from many Clients. We have a flat structure which facilitates making quick decisions and reacting rapidly to the changes on the market. 11 Competency Centres are also Sii’s great asset. These are units where high-class experts create state-of-the-art technologies dedicated to various industries. Based on this, we are carrying out, i.a., more e2e projects for the telecommunications industry. The company also wants to develop its integration and tests offer related to OSS and BSS systems as well as to increase its involvement in foreign markets — sums up Jerzy Bartman.

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