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Sii Rzeszow is betting on growth! In September, the branch completed the renovation and relocation of its new office space and surpassed 200 specialists on board

The Rzeszów branch of Sii was established four years ago. Over the years it has seen rapid growth in employment – currently, there are already 200 experts on the team! This is largely due to interesting projects and cooperation with clients from many industries and the dynamically developing internship program.

What’s the secret behind the recent success of Sii Rzeszow? The answer is simple – first of all, the people who make it up.

– I’m incredibly proud that every year there are more and more new employees in our branch, who contribute so strongly to the development of the company – says Tomasz Eberbach, Sii Rzeszów Regional Director. – Our team is very diverse, consisting of people of different seniority and experience (Juniors and Seniors), as well as different profiles, like Programmers, Testers, or Analysts. Despite our differences, we all have a common goal and we support each other at every stage of our work, to create together the best place to work in Poland! A score of 93% in the Great Place to Work survey only confirms that we’re definitely moving in the right direction – he adds.

The branch places a strong focus on enabling the employees’ growth, even if it means a complete change of their career path – project, customer, technology, or position. The process itself and monitoring its progress are facilitated by the Job Changer application, available to all Power People. However, development doesn’t always have to involve a drastic change. Sometimes it simply means a promotion, resulting from an employee’s increasing skills and performance.

Internship programs and the Summer Talent Academy are gaining momentum at the Rzeszow branch. Thanks to this, students who are just beginning their IT industry adventure can start their career in the company right away. After the internship, many choose to stay with the company – as did Artur Kowalski, Junior Software Engineer at Sii Rzeszow, who joined the Summer Talent Academy as an Adobe Experience Manager Developer with little experience. With several successes on his account, he remained in the Rzeszow branch as a Java Developer, and currently, he’s working on a project for one of the company’s large clients.

Development is part of our DNA!

Sii Rzeszow specialists provide their services to companies in many industries, including high-tech, medical, and retail. The branch takes pride in working with clients in the international market, like Puma, Roche, Ingenico, Reckitt Benckiser, Scalepoint, ABB, and Sennheiser. Among the clients, there’s also an e-commerce company, which the team supports in developing a system in a microservices architecture. The project is being implemented using the latest versions of Spring Boot and Java.

Despite the great achievements to its credit, Sii Rzeszow is already planning its next steps:

– The development of the Rzeszow branch fills us with great joy: in a span of just over 4 years we have reached the number of 200 employees – says Maciej Chyła, Regional Recruitment Manager.
– Every month, about 10 new colleagues join us to collaborate on important international projects, and we plan to recruit up to a hundred new people in the upcoming year. We currently have more than 120 active job postings. Our most sought-after profiles include Java, .NET, Front-end, C++, Embedded C, iOS, Android, and Python. We’re also keen to hire Manual and Automation Testers and Roboticists. We plan to increase our cooperation with local universities, and the new, spacious office will allow us to share knowledge with the local IT community in the form of meetups and workshops – he continues.

It’s time for a fresh start!

Surpassing the number of 200 experts at Sii Rzeszow almost coincided with the move to a new office, located at 20B Tadeusza Rejtana Ave. Before this dream became a reality, for almost six months the branch carried out renovation and finishing works, the main goal of which was to prepare a modern, practical, and suitable workplace for employees. Among other things, they were equipped with a 50-seat conference room, a call room with an electric desk, and lounge spaces. Employees were also involved in the process of creating the new workplace. Józef Tokarski, Software Engineer at Sii Rzeszow, designed the code that was then transferred to the wallpaper adorning the wall of one of the rooms. Another room refers in its motifs to the most important objects and buildings in Rzeszow and its business and technological background.

The highlight of the last intensive months was a housewarming party in September, combined with a meeting with Sii Poland’s CEO and Founder Gregoire Nitot in the Rzeszow office. During the event, employees and guests had a chance to explore the new office, discover goals and plans for growth in the upcoming months, and socialize while having fun until late in the evening.

There is more to life than work!

Various communities, composed of Power People with similar interests, are thriving in the Rzeszow branch of Sii. Among them is a cycling group, competing annually in a global challenge for the highest number of covered kilometers. The group’s most successful expedition includes a trip around the Tatra Mountains, during which employees covered as much as 250 kilometers in less than two days. Equally active is a group of running enthusiasts, whose participants have already taken part in the Poland Business Run, Wings for Life, the Independence Run, the Rzeszow Marathon, and the Butcher’s Run. Sii Rzeszow runners also belong to the global Sii Running Team, co-sponsored by the Passion Sponsorship Program. In addition, the enthusiasts of board games, foosball, darts, volleyball, or automotive can also pursue their hobbies in the branch (for the latter, a special group was created in the Teams application, allowing participants to exchange knowledge in the automotive field).

The branch is also happy to support CSR initiatives while educating employees about corporate social responsibility. Volunteers are active, among other things, in the PSii Patrol project (supporting the animal shelter), and have also participated in the renovation of surfaces and the creation of educational workshops for the pupils of Mieszko and Dobrawa Orphanages. In response to the ongoing war across our eastern border, employees have also united to help their colleagues at Sii Ukraine, actively supporting them in their search for a safe haven in Poland.

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