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Sii’s 18 Competency Centers are ready to take up any technological challenge – find out how our one-stop shop works in practice

Since its establishment in 2006, Sii Poland has focused on the development of competences in specialized areas. Thanks to this approach, we have become a recognized expert on the market capable of creating modern solutions, manage knowledge, conduct R&D activities, and share best practices developed over the years. We establish business cooperation and build strong relationships with technology partners, which allows us to introduce the latest tools to the constantly expanding offer and optimize our clients’ operations. And all of this within units that provide profiled services, known as Competency Centers (CCs).

Highly-specialized Competency Centers

Each Competency Center is a response to the market demands. By monitoring trends in the world of innovative technologies, we can react on an ongoing basis, develop an effective methodology of work, and design innovative solutions that guarantee new quality.

– Currently, Sii Poland has 18 Competency Centers, where we build expertise in key activity areas of companies from various sectors. Starting from infrastructure, through industrial machines and systems, software, testing, security, to consulting and training. A total of 3 000 specialists, often with many years of experience, are involved in the projects carried out by the Competency Centers – explains Krzysztof Krężel, Chief Operating Officer at Sii Poland.

The ecosystem of Sii’s solutions

Diversified competences of CC teams and knowledge of various IT and business solutions make Sii Poland able to implement complex, multi-stage projects. As a one-stop-shop, we provide our clients with full support in key areas by creating an ecosystem of efficiently cooperating solutions. As a result, they receive a full package of services, without the need to involve other suppliers.

With the “client first” approach we respond to the client’s needs, recommending the optimal combination of solutions offered by individual Competency Centers. In this way, we group appropriate competences, build teams with specific qualifications, manage them and deliver a complete product.

One-stop-shop in practice

Thanks to a wide range of Sii services, we can comprehensively support our clients in various areas and implement projects that require various technologies.

The migration of services, communication tools, and teamwork to the cloud for SHV Energy

An example of the one-stop-shop approach is the cooperation with SHV Energy, a global energy group, which we support in a complex project of migrating services, communication tools, and teamwork to the cloud. We are managing the migration of accounts and resources to Exchange Online, building an intranet solution based on SharePoint online, creating a Power BI reporting system in the Azure Cloud environment, building dedicated applications using MS Power automation and Power Apps, as well as migrating ERP systems to MS Dynamics 365 and implementing the MS Intune hardware management system.

The automation and digitization of the sugar production process for one of the European leaders

Another project that required the cooperation of specialists from various technological fields was the implementation of the fourth industrial revolution assumptions in the sugar production process for one of the European leaders in this field. Sii experts managed the automation and digitization of the entire production process, from the sugar beet cultivation supervision, through the creation of a digital twin of machines working in the factory, the aggregation of data controlling the production processes, to supervision over the distribution of sugar supplies. The work required the cooperation of specialists in various fields, including embedded system developers, cloud specialists, and infrastructure administrators as well as data quality experts.

The development and maintenance of websites for an international paint manufacturer

For an international paint manufacturer, Sii has created, developed and maintains a websites where individual customers, painters, and companies can find product information, inspiration, and advice. Sii has embedded the CMS platform selected by the client in the Azure cloud infrastructure using containerization techniques. Additionally, the project uses solutions such as Azure Pipelines to optimize the process of implementing new functionalities and changes in test and production environments, or Azure Monitor to observe applications, infrastructure, and networks. In addition to the development of systems, we also maintain their availability at a very high level of 99.9%. Two support lines operating in accordance with ITIL standards are involved in the daily operation and monitoring of the client’s systems.

The development of multi-channel sales for a clients from the medical sector

An example of a comprehensive approach to management and analysis of business processes is the project of developing multi-channel sales, implemented for one of Sii’s clients from the medical sector. Two specialized Sii Competency Centers – Dynamics 365 and Business Intelligence supported the client in the entire implementation process, from the diagnosis of the current state, analysis of user requirements through the design and implementation of the latest versions of Dynamics ERP and CRM systems. The new solutions allow for the integration and management of data from key company processes based on Microsoft Azure and Power BI cloud.

– We support our clients in many areas so they don’t have to search for and coordinate many suppliers, carefully plan work and deal with potential communication problems. This approach also helps increase the security of project implementation – says Krzysztof Krężel.

Perspectives for the future

Prioritizing the quality of provided services, Sii Poland continues to invest in development. We want to implement new technologies, tools, and solutions that will improve the work efficiency of clients operating in many sectors.

– We plan to support lesser-known areas, introduce new specializations, partner with IT market leaders, gain prestigious certificates and engage in industry initiatives. We are constantly analyzing newly emerging technologies and tools, expanding the offer of existing competency centers as well as creating new ones. We want to develop even faster and achieve further spectacular successes – says Krzysztof Krężel.

Explore our Competency Center’s offer to find out how our experts can help you develop your business.

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