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    Sii’s Events – Testing Cup, GET.NET, ScaLAB, Women in IT and Carnival Balls

    What is one of the secrets of Sii’s success? It is the team whose members understand one another — a group of people who like to spend time together both in the office and after hours. The company’s specialists have numerous opportunities for joint development: starting with managerial weekends, through workshops for women, up to conferences for developers or the Polish testing championship.

    The organization of a wide range of meetings connected with personal development of the Workers is also a part of Sii’s DNA. For many years the company’s Power People have met during meetings, the purpose of which was not only to discover passion, but also (and above all) to develop technical competencies and integrate the entire IT environment. It is crucial that in a group of almost 3,000 people, everyone can feel as an important member of a team, which does not only know how to succeed together, but also how to inspire one another to grow. Nowadays, Sii’s operations are well beyond the framework of the organization, and the events co-organized by the company have become a permanent position in the calendars of experts and developers around the world.

    Testing and fun is what counts

    June 8 and 9 — these days were marked in the calendars of the best software testers in Poland. 150 teams from all over the country met in Gdańsk to compete for the title of the best team in software programming of the Testing Cup 2017. It is the biggest event of this type in Central Europe, and Sii was its main sponsor. The company has the biggest testing center in Poland and it employs more than 600 software testing specialists from the country and abroad, sharing willingly its experience and knowledge during the most important industry conferences. The seventh edition of Testing Cup, connected with lectures, presentations and workshops, brought together almost 450 experts. Among them there were Sii’s specialists such as Marcin Laksander, Testing Competency Center Director, and Szymon Wróblak, Business Development Manager, who, as speakers, discussed, among others, the challenges awaiting testers during job interviews.

    Spring of conferences

    Sii co-creates a number of themed meetings. GET.NET, one of the biggest conferences in Poland, took place in April in Łódź. The seventh edition of the event, which takes place annually in autumn and spring, included 10 presentations of recognized and reputable experts, such as Christian Heilmann and Christian Horsdal. During the event Poland was represented by Jakub Gutkowski, Szymon Kulec, Paweł Tymura, Krzysztof Cieślak and Bartosz Sypytkowski.

    The past seven editions of the event gathered over 2,500 participants. This group keeps growing year by year and GET.NET is becoming more and more popular in the IT industry in Poland and Central Europe. The audience of the conference consists of developers, testers, project managers as well as IT students and enthusiasts of new technologies.

    The first original Sii conference fully dedicated to Angular — the ngSummit powered by Sii added up to the intensive spring time of knowledge exchange and development of technical competencies.

    The participants, developers responsible for front-end, which is the external part of an application or a website visible for a user, had a chance to listen to eight presentation of experienced IT experts from Poland and abroad. These thematic discussion were related to, among other, Angular 4, GraphQL, Angular CLI or progressive web solutions as an alternative to native mobile applications.

    Women to workshops

    Among the events organised by Sii, there were also ones that presented the power of women and their key significance on the Polish technological market. Interestingly, according to Hays, the majority of women recommends working in IT. They fit in perfectly both in terms of technical skills as well as performing tasks in project teams. This is why “Women in IT powered by Sii” was launched in five Polish cities: Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Kraków and Łódź. The entire cycle consists of workshops for women who are interested in technologies of the 21st century and who want to know the secrets of industry specialists. The participants could expect a large dose of knowledge and a networking space, which enabled the women to talk without any obstacles. Sii experts also presented the opportunities for development awaiting the candidates.

    Let the good times roll!

    According to Sii’s mission — Passion for Technology, Passion for Fun — there was also a spot in the event calendar for carnival balls for the Workers, Clients, Partners and permanent suppliers of the company. The events that took place at the beginning of the year were an opportunity not only for presenting the most important results, but, above all, a chance to recognise the best managers and specialists from individual departments — for their engagement, achievements and passion put in their everyday work.

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