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Silver Partner status, a team of experienced consultants and ambitious projects – Sii Poland strengthens its position on the SAP services market

For more than two years, Sii Poland has been actively selling SAP services to clients in Poland and other EU countries. A milestone in the SAP Competency Center’s development strategy was achieving the SAP Silver Partner Status. Not only this but also the creation of a team of experienced consultants and a rapidly growing list of references confirm Sii Poland’s increasingly strong position on the market for such services. Paweł Zemełka, the new Director of the Center, told us about the development direction and forecasts for the future.

Is the partnership with SAP really that important?

Paweł Zemełka: It is crucial for the SAP Competency Center as it proves that we take SAP solutions seriously. For clients, too, because they see that the company is close to the producer and can respond to the changing functionalities and new product portfolio. It is also important from our consultants’ perspective. This shows that the company treats SAP solutions on the same footing as other offered services.

You’ve been with the company for a short while but are no stranger to SAP solutions.

P.Z.: That’s right. I started my SAP adventure in the last century, with a project to implement SAP R/3 in an insurance company. It was one of the first Polish projects for the insurance industry. I have worked in two companies partnering with SAP for the last 20 years and each of them had the SAP Gold Partner Status. We have delivered dozens of projects based on this technology to clients from practically every sector. Now I want to use these positive experiences to make Sii Poland a major player on the SAP services market in the EU. The Polish market will always remain central to our business plan, but we intend to significantly increase activity in Western markets.

Our department consists of around 60 SAP consultants – mostly highly experienced and familiar with the latest trends. This makes us the right company to carry out all kinds of projects, including the biggest migrations to S4Hana.

Sii Poland is growing at a rapid pace. Is this also the case for the SAP Competency Center?

P.Z.: Absolutely. Last year, we signed contracts with over 30 SAP consultants and successfully continue recruiting. For sure, the Great Place to Work title won for the sixth time in a row helps. This most prestigious HR award is proof that a large and well-functioning company can create a stable and friendly work environment.

Which SAP market area has the biggest potential?

P.Z.: The SAP services market in Poland is really big and grows every year. There’s a wave of migrations to S4Hana ahead of us and I am sure that we will be able to fight for projects in this area. Let’s not forget that Sii Poland’s client base is huge and we haven’t had the opportunity to prove our high competence in this technology to many of them. Therefore, our main goal is to reach the company’s present clients, among whom are the largest companies using SAP products.

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