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The skills of Sii engineers a competitive edge for ThyssenKrupp

In the past 6 years of cooperation with ThyssenKrupp, Sii has built a team of over 50 engineers carrying out projects for the client. – Service Delivery effectiveness is the key differentiator of ThyssenKrupp among the competition – says Julian Kur, Business Manager. The opening of Sii’s own assembly workshop is planned in the nearest future. Entire machines and assembly lines will be built there.

ThyssenKrupp System Engineering is one of the biggest providers of solutions for all the essential components in the process chain for car body and powertrain assembly. The cooperation between ThyssenKrupp and Sii started in 2012. – Our first joint project involved PLC programming for 3 machines used in the production of an 8-gear automated gearbox, installed in Corvettes and several models of Cadillacs. Currently we are responsible for electric projects, PLC controllers and industrial robots programming as well as commissioning production lines for the biggest companies from the automotive industry, such as: General Motors, Volkswagen, Ford or BMW – says Przemysław Grzanka, Engineering Competency Center Director at Sii.

Mature business partnership and high growth rate

Sii has got to the core of the client’s needs. – ThyssenKrupp was looking for a partner that would carry out projects faster, but without compromise on quality or precision. Sounds like a dream? This is exactly what our cooperation with the client looked like. It is an example of a mature business partnership, based on mutual trust and understanding. Even though the automotive market is very demanding and is currently undergoing revolutionary changes, we were able to maintain a high growth rate. Last year it was more than 50% – says Julian Kur, Business Manager, responsible for the cooperation with ThyssenKrupp.

At present more than 50 engineers from the Engineering Competency Center are carrying out projects for ThyssenKrupp in Europe, Asia and North and South America. – Our experts are facing many challenges, such as great technological changeability, which means that it is necessary to improve skills constantly. Despite that, the client values the high skills and engagement of Sii engineers, always emphasizing that the effectiveness level of services delivered by our company is a key differentiator of ThyssenKrupp among the competition – says Julian Kur.

Aiming at delivering a full scope of services

The development of services in the area of engineering in the automotive industry is one of the priorities of Sii’s branch in Gdańsk, which is in charge of the cooperation with this client. – Currently ThyssenKrupp is among the fastest developing clients of Sii Gdańsk and, at the same time, one of the biggest clients of Sii Poland in terms of income for fixed price projects. Although at present the scope of our cooperation is very wide, the potential for further development is still enormous – says Michael Desmurs, Director of Sii Gdańsk and Banking and Industry Business Unit.

The prospect of further development assumes the implementation of further, even more complex solutions. – We are constantly expanding our cooperation with ThyssenKrupp. The latest talks included mechanic and pneumatic design, including assembly and installation among others. This is why, to be able to deliver a full scope of services, we want to open our own assembly workshop. Thanks to this our client will have the possibility of ordering a complete machine or production line – sums up the Business Manager.

The article prepared by: Zuzanna Siondalska

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