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Uninterrupted video broadcast – Sii engineers are working on the solutions that will benefit operators around the world

Sii strengthens its position as a provider of solutions in the area of telecommunications and video transmission. It has started successful cooperation with the world-class manufacturer of equipment for the implementation of professional video services. As our Scandinavian client pursues a policy of growth through software development, Sii supports him in this area with a team of engineers from the Embedded Competency Center.

Sii employs more than 4 000 IT and engineering professionals in Poland. Among numerous different projects being carried out at the moment, there are also some related to video transmission. Sii experts co-create modern solutions, e.g for smoother playback of audio and video content at the level of server platform software, as well as ensure stable transmission and excellent video quality by optimizing software solutions used in the emission process. Sii has recently started cooperation with Scandinavian client – a leading provider of innovative products for professional video services. Its solutions go to operators in over 100 countries on all continents. The scale of video consumption today is really huge. The numbers speak for themselves: Netflix has reached 150 million subscribers worldwide, while videos with a total length of 720 000 hours are uploaded to YouTube every day. Visual culture has entered a higher level and it doesn’t look like that this trend may change in a near future.

The project implemented by Sii will bring concrete benefits to recipients. They can watch video content, like movies and live streaming, transmitted accordingly to the newest trends, e.g. VR, AR, 3D, 4k, on whatever device they want to use, either a phone, tablet, laptop or a TV. In addition, signal reception should be received smoothly regardless of failures that may occur at any transmission stage.

Optimization of software performance

With the dynamic change of the end customers’ needs, the company which Sii is cooperating with, decided to focus their technological growth on software development. This applies to solutions for the delivery of OTT content, audio codecs, HEVC encoding and transcoding as well as creating GUI in the form of Web-based front-end. Nevertheless, the technology stack at the company covers the development of equipment, which often has a direct relationship with the work on software. The aim is to ensure optimal performance.

− Establishing cooperation with such a company is a source of pride. We are talking about innovative solutions at the global scale and the need for uncompromised quality. Sii once again proves that thanks to the best engineers in Poland, it is the right partner for such challenges. A positive rating from a satisfied customer is always my most important goal and we are achieving it. We are motivated to long-term and interesting cooperation − says Bartosz Borowy, Business Manager at Sii.

Advanced solution for providers of cable, broadband, and mobile services

Sii team of engineers, together with their Scandinavian colleagues, are developing, among others, mechanisms of redundancy. It should be noted, however, that in terms of how it is understood by our client, the redundancy incorporated into their products is not a simple substitution of system blocks in case of failure. It’s something much more sophisticated. The functionalities implemented by experts from Sii not only ensure the continuity of the work of individual system elements but also allow for dynamic management of transmitted data stream.

− One of the biggest challenges the team had to face, was to control a large number of features that interacted with redundancy mechanisms. Moreover, in connection with the development of products, many of them are subject to constant change. However, the experience and knowledge of specialists from both parties helped to simplify and harmonize the approach to ensure the continuous operation of the system. As a result, we were able to improve the configuration mechanisms of the delivered functionalities − says Maciej Jagielski, Service Delivery Manager at the Embedded Competency Center in Sii.

− At the initial stage of work, we have established a flexible framework to create common foundations for current and future redundancy mechanisms. The next step was to design and implement the “Inference Engine” which allowed the management of the enormity of permissible system configurations. This is a solution typically used in the field of artificial intelligence. You can use it to define in a few simple steps the relationship between the configuration parameters and thus let the system infer the correct order of operations – explains Michał Adamczyk, Senior Software Developer engaged in the project.

To best respond to the needs of the client, Sii has created a team of experts with diverse competencies. Thanks to this project, we can use the newest technologies and tools, including C++17, Python 3, SQLite, TypeScript, Linux (Yocto), Bash, Google Test, Docker, cmake, git. The solution provided by Sii, following a detailed review and testing performed by our client, reached one of the largest providers of cable, broadband, and mobile services, among others, in the UK. The scale of usage the solutions that engineers are working on, is impressive.

Dynamic development of Sii in the area of embedded systems

For 13 years as a provider of IT and engineering services, Sii Poland has managed to solidify its position on the domestic market. The cooperation of the Embedded Systems Competency Center, one of the fastest growing units in Sii, with such an innovative company is proof of the growing position of Sii in international markets. Currently, the company increases its influence on European markets, at the same time marking its presence on the US and Japanese market. For years, he has been successfully cooperating with brands such as Bombardier, ThyssenKrupp, NXP, Allianz, Aviva, Danone and Berlingske Media.

Sii’s portfolio includes numerous projects for companies representing industries: automotive, transport, banking, medical, food, media and others. Currently, more and more projects are related to the Internet of Things.

People interested in embedded systems and subjects associated with IT and engineering offered by Sii can find more information on Sii website.

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