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Speed and precision – motorcycle enthusiasts met at the competition sponsored as part of the Sii Poland Passion Sponsorship Program

In September, the 2nd Round of Gymkhana GP was held in Poznań, sponsored by Sii Poland. Among motorcycle enthusiasts there are numerous male and female engineers from the company. Przemek Sidorowicz, Software Engineer from Sii Poznań, told us about his passion – motogymkhana, and why every motorcyclist should try it.

You have been working for Sii in Poznań for 5 years as a Dev Lead / Oracle Consultant for a client from the pharmaceutical industry. You have received funding for your private project from Passion Sponsorship Program. How did you use this support?

Przemek Sidorowicz, Software Engineer: Thanks to support from the Program, I organized the 2nd Round of Gymkhana GP . After hours, I am an active promoter of motogymkhana in Poznań on behalf of the Motogymkhana Association, so the natural order was to start organizing the competition as a host. It was the second competition in Poznań organized by us.

What is motogymkhana?

P.S.: This is so-called time-attack precision driving. It is the most spectacular during competitions – its main principle is to beat a given trick or the entire track consisting of slalom, turns, etc. in the shortest possible time. Penalty seconds are added for each error (footrest or knocked down cone). The difficulty in the competition is the fact that the route is revealed only on the day of the competition, and the participants have only 30 minutes to get to know it (only on foot) before the competition ride. Therefore, it is required not only to master your machine perfectly, but also focus and have orientation among the cones.

Due to relatively low speeds, motogymkhana is considered one of the safest motorsports. In addition, all techniques practiced here translate into everyday riding, significantly increasing the safety of the rider.

The event in Poznań – like other rounds in other cities, is open to everyone. Division into 3 categories (Amator / Pretendent / Pro) ensures a balanced competition even for debuting motorcyclists, whom we strongly encourage to try their hand at it!

How did your passion begin?

My passion for motogymkhana began quite incidentally. Enrolling in a motorcycle course was the result of a spontaneous decision to try something new. The extensive experience with a bike resulted in rapid progress in learning and already being on the course I felt that this was it. I knew right away that motorcycles would give me a lot of fun, so I bought the first one right after receiving my driving license.

To be a master of motogymkhana, you must practice regularly. What are your training sessions like?

P.S.:  On average, I practice twice a week for a few hours – of course, the closer it is to the competition, the more frequent visits to the square are, even every day. I practice on the standard “GP8” – a 12-meter “eight” track, which thanks to its size (it is almost twice the size of the exam tracks when taking a motorcycle driving license) embraces all  key elements of training, such as braking in a turn, a very tight turn, a short sprint with hard braking, low crouches at very low speed. The GP8 competition is a qualification for the main competition in each round of motogymkhana. In addition to the “eight”, we also set up longer routes simulating the competition tracks to get used to longer runs and various variations of figures. I also regularly visit karting tracks (at least a dozen track days a year), where I improve my sports driving skills, which perfectly complements motogymkhana.

What is the popularity of this discipline in Poland?

P.S.: The discipline came to us from Japan and it is very popular there. In the United States, motogymkhana training is a mandatory point in preparing American policemen-motorcyclists for duty. In Poland, it is still quite a niche sport, but it is constantly gaining popularity – precision riding is more and more often an element of many motorcycle courses and training, and about 30 individuals took part in our competition in Poznań.

As part of sharing your passion and promoting precise riding on a motorcycle, you have organized something special for our colleagues from the Poznań branch of Sii. Tell me about this initiative.

P.S.: Together with the Motogymkhana Poznań Association, we invited motorcyclists from Sii for a precision driving training, where we worked on getting rid of bad habits, we suggested how to ride more confidently and safely. Because this is the most important thing! We also tried to convey as much knowledge as possible about technical riding on a motorcycle: from the very configuration of the equipment, through city riding technique, to dynamic riding.

We also organize open trainings to which we cordially invite all motorcyclists, regardless of experience. It’s worth a try and it’s worth learning as much as possible about good, safe driving! We inform you about all events on an ongoing basis on the profile Motogymkhana Poznań.
As part of Passion Sponsorship Program, Sii employees have already conducted dozens of various sports, technological and cultural projects. The company supports employees not only in their professional development, but also in private passions, so that they can strive for excellence and share their hobbies with others. Learn more about  other initiatives by Sii employees.

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