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The first year of Sii’s Global Internship Program is officially over! Check out the results, outcomes and experience of satisfied interns

As part of Sii’s Global Internship Program, we have established partnerships with major Polish universities. Throughout the 2021/2022 academic year, we actively participated in the lives of students while creating internship offers at Sii. What are the outcomes of this cooperation? Check it out for yourselves!

What is the purpose behind the Global Internship Program? The aim of the project was to invite young people to work at Sii. Our presence at Polish universities played a key role in promoting the program. We managed to reach more than 30 universities in Poland, including the largest and most prestigious ones such as the Technical Universities in Gdansk, Lodz, Cracow, Lublin and Poznan, as well as the Universities in Silesia, Warsaw, Gdansk and Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

Highlights of the internship program – what we’ve accomplished over the past year

The scope of collaboration is different for each university – from the presence of Sii’s offers in career offices through specialist support to participation in program councils. In the 2021/22 academic year, we focused on knowledge sharing, the form in which we have the most experience and which is very popular with students. Our activities at universities were therefore dominated by lectures, trainings, and workshops, which we tailored directly to the needs of each institution. The program also included taking part in job fairs and career development events where young people are looking for information about development opportunities. The next step was Sii Open Days – Open Days in Sii offices, which we conducted in 8 major Polish cities.

Sii Open Days – inside of the IT industry

As part of the Open Days, students were able to spend a full day in our offices, get an inside look at the IT industry and talk to experts who work there every day. This initiative turned out to be a hit! A total of 260 people visited our branches, and several dozens of them decided to apply at Sii after the event. The tour also included meetings with recruiters, managers and technology experts, as well as dedicated workshops. The greatest value indicated by the participants was receiving a solid dose of knowledge given in a straightforward form. During the event, visitors heard answers to questions they wouldn’t even find on Google.

From Intern to Junior

The aim of the Global Internship Program is to promote Sii at universities and recruit the most talented students for internships and convince them that it is worth staying at Sii for the long term. The result of the first edition exceeded our expectations – 345 internships were completed, of which as many as 40% ended in extended cooperation. How come there is such a high rate of signed contracts? The wide internship offers cover almost every department of the company, and flexible hours and remote work give the possibility to combine studies and professional development. Right during the internship, students can already benefit from training and mentoring support. After the internship period, we offer further cooperation to any person who has been involved and wants to develop further with us.

And what do the participants themselves think about the internship? Get to know the testimonials of 3 program participants who were hired at Sii after completing the program. What guided them in their search for an internship, why did they choose Sii and what did they like best?

Kornelius Warsiewicz, Test Development Engineer: I was searching for internships online and saw the wide range of technologies the company deals with. I figured that Sii must offer a lot of growth opportunities, and an internship could open a path for me in any future direction. I wasn’t wrong. I loved the fact that I was able to acquire skills directly from very experienced experts, who would teach us through practice and present the latest and best solutions. It was completely different from what we’ve learned at the university. I learned a lot, from basic processor design to high-level programming issues.

Kamil Pałubicki, Test & Analysis Engineer: I think Sii is an ideal company for people starting in the IT world, as well as for more experienced people. The opportunity for development, work atmosphere and interesting projects are some of the most noticeable features. What makes Sii different from other companies is that every idea, suggestion, or problem that arose during my internship wasn’t downplayed, and I knew exactly whom I should consult. What’s important, steps were taken right away to resolve any issues.

Joanna Żakowicz, Associate Business Manager: Sii is formed by people who inspire and motivate every day. Indeed, relationships are the key of Sii’s success. During my internship, I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people who shared with me their experiences and helped me in every situation.

– Also, the work atmosphere, events, and the wonderful office made working remotely less important, as you wanted to come to the office every day – Kamil adds.

We’re already looking forward to the next academic year, and we’re preparing something special! In addition to the existing initiatives, we plan to appoint Sii Academic Ambassadors and allow students to establish a real partnership with us! As part of the Sii – Ambassador relationship, the student will get to know our company better, will have the possibility to participate in trainings and integration events, and will be able to earn financial bonuses for promoting Sii’s initiatives at their university and in social media.

So, if you see young, enthusiastic and eager interns in your local branches – it’ll only mean that our program is working!

Want to join us for an internship? Check out our current offers!

Interested in becoming a Sii Academic Ambassador? Apply to us!

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