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The International Freelancer project at Sii Poland kicks off! Discover in which 16 countries we’re looking for new talents and check out the rules of the program

Increased demand from clients and a growing number of projects have led Sii Poland to start collaborating with specialists outside the country. The company doesn’t take into consideration only candidates from European Union but also from countries such as Azerbaijan or Turkey. Read the article and find out how to join the Sii team within the International Freelancer program.

Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Croatia, Moldova, and Azerbaijan – these are the countries that Sii recruiters are currently focusing on when looking for candidates for the International Freelancer project. What were the reasons behind choosing exactly these countries?

— We have examined the selected countries in detail, considering several aspects, namely the potential of IT professionals, average salaries, responsiveness to our job offers, but also legal issues like migration movements between countries and how easy it is to become self-employed — explains Artur Palac, International Freelancer Regional Director. 

International Freelancer at Sii – the most in-demand specializations

Among the candidates Sii is looking for are mainly Java, .NET, and Front-end developers along with automation testers. However, the company is not closing its doors to other, less popular profiles.

— We also happen to be looking for Angular or Magento developers, performance testers, or FPGA engineers. Searching for candidates in an additional 16 countries gives us access to people with more niche skills that are currently difficult to find in the Polish market — clarifies Szymon Pawelka, Senior Recruitment Specialist.

Innovative projects for global market leaders

As part of the International Freelancer program at Sii, experts can work fully remotely for some of the most recognizable global brands, such as Sabre, Reckitt, ABB, PUMA, Roche, Qiagen, Knauf, Worldline, or 3M. The range of projects one can join is wide and includes, for example, the development of solutions such as:

  • a mobile application of the leader in the loyalty program sector, used by 600 million users worldwide,
  • a platform dedicated to the newest autonomous cars,
  • an application for communication between a patient and a medical facility,
  • a streaming platform for watching sports events, which currently has more than 1 million users.

Comfortable working conditions, development support and attractive benefits

The International Freelancer project has received a lot of interest from candidates from the very beginning. The first specialists have already joined Sii and are working from such countries as the Netherlands.

— I’m currently working on a project for a transportation company that is migrating an outdated infrastructure to the cloud. I work in the Data Lake team, where I have to deal with many new and exciting technologies, such as Spark, Glue Jobs, and Lambdas – says Viktoryia Haurylenka, Software Engineer. — What I like most about Sii is the fact that I am part of a project where I am constantly evolving. Besides, I have a great team around me and excellent specialists from whom I can learn — she adds.

Those who choose to work within the International Freelancer project can expect attractive benefits, such as profit sharing, trainings and language courses, as well as the Job Changer application to change their career path. They also have the opportunity to join Tech Communities, and hobby groups and participate in online integrations. New team members receive a welcome packin their first days of work, and what’s more – during the course of the cooperation they are also provided with Christmas and occasional gifts.

How to become an International Freelancer at Sii?

International Freelancer is a person working for Sii Poland, but permanently residing in another country (having the center of life interests there). The recruitment for the International Freelancer program is carried out fully remotely, and to begin the cooperation within the project, you just need to fulfill several criteria:

  1. Establish a self-employed business. To work remotely for Sii, you need to become self-employed in a given country.
  2. Present a certificate of tax residency. It confirms the existence of a fiscal connection between the individual entrepreneur and the country.
  3. Sign a B2B contract. Each participant in the International Freelancer program must sign a special B2B agreement.
  4. Use your own device (BYOD). Equip yourself with a laptop and ensure your network configuration meets our minimum requirements.

Explore new opportunities and join Sii as an International Freelancer! Learn more about the program and see on the project website what kind of professionals we are currently looking for.

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