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The Lublin branch of Sii Poland has reached 500 people on board. Check what distinguishes it from other regions

Sii Poland already employs over 500 people in Lublin, and plans to expand by another 100. The teams of the Lublin branch support projects for external clients as well as those that improve internal processes, all in the latest technologies and a great atmosphere.

Sii Lublin is a branch that was established in 2013 as the seventh branch of the company. Initially as a Delivery Center, supporting other Sii branches remotely, today the team from Lublin consists of over 500 people and works with over 200 international clients. They include companies from all sectors of the economy, such as Puma, Sabre, ABB, CGM, Reckitt, SHV Energy, Ingenico, PKO BP, KUKA, Staples, Cambio, Berlingske Media and Qiagen.

– Such a dynamic growth of the branch is possible thanks to several factors. Firstly, high employment, up to over 100 people a year in recent years. Secondly, a very low turnover of 12%, which proves very good working conditions and development opportunities offered by Sii. Candidates want to work with us because they see us as a stable employer and a wide field for development in many technologies – says Artur Palac, Regional Director w Sii Lublin.

Hundreds of projects in the latest technologies

Sii Lublin team has worked on over 800 projects in various technologies so far. From embedded systems in C / C ++ or Java Embedded, through desktop and web applications in .Net Core, C #, TypeScript, Java, Docker, Kubernetes, microservices or mobile applications in Kotlin, Swift, Flutter or Java, to ERP systems: MS Dynamics AX, Dynamics 365.

Some of these projects are implemented by teams of Sii Poland Competency Centers.

–  The Modern Workplace Competency Center guides clients through the digital transformation process – says Sebastian Cięszczyk, Offering Lead at Sii. – We support changes in large organizations, thanks to which business processes are efficient and optimized, users can make better use of their time and the risk of mistakes is reduced to a minimum. Our work is of exceptional importance, especially during pandemic. Thanks to increased efforts, we ensured work continuity and extremely fast implementation of remote work tools based on Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace platforms.  – he adds.

–  As part of the IT Operations Competency Center, we provide our clients with advanced services in the area of user support, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity and ServiceNow – says Jarosław Lakutowicz, Competency Center Director at Sii. – Our Service Desk team consists of several dozen consultants and it’s the perfect place to start your adventure with the IT industry – he adds.

Support for Sii’s internal processes

Sii Lublin teams not only support external users, but also create and support systems and applications for all employees of the company, that is over 6 000 users.

– As part of Internal IT, we operate on many levels, from servicing potential clients and candidates by the Contact Center team to servicing our company’s employees by the Service Desk team using the best ITIL practices and the latest technologies – explains Mateusz Żmijan, Service Desk Manager at Sii. – The company pays great attention to the development of employees, and not only extending theoretical knowledge, but also enabling its use in practice. Initially, the Service Desk team in Lublin consisted of 4 people, and now there are over 20 of us. Many people who currently play various roles in Sii, including product owners, team leaders, testers, system administrators, and even one business development manager, started his adventure in IT in the Service Desk team – he adds.

A large part of the Internal IT Business Applications team is also located in the Lublin branch.

– Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, we provide the necessary systems and solutions to support our business and projects. Currently, we focus on the robotization of processes, providing cloud solutions or those based on artificial intelligence – says Kinga Próchniak, Domain Leader / Team Manager at Sii.

– The SharePoint team deals with the development and maintenance of internal applications based mainly on SharePoint, Microsoft365 and .NET technologies. Working from Lublin and remotely from 4 other branches, it currently has over 30 people. We create a completely new MySii platform for candidates, based on the latest technologies, which aims to improve the recruitment process for our organization – says Magdalena Zdzisińska, Product Owner at Sii.

The youngest business unit located in Lublin is the Shared Services Center, where the specialists are handling the register of documents and invoicing for the entire Sii.

– Centralization of these processes allows us to be sure that we will maintain the consistency of standards and the highest quality of work. It is a response to the rapid development of our organization – says Anna Poleszak, Administration Shared Services Center Manager at Sii.

The most important atmosphere

What distinguishes Sii on the map of Lublin are not only the latest technologies and international clients, but also the unique atmosphere in the office. Despite the flexible approach to remote work, employees appreciate the initiatives they take on together, such as integration events and charity actions, e.g. PSii Patrol, support for orphanages and hospices, or joint sports trainings.

– A modern office ensures comfort of work, and there is always a lot going on in the kitchens or fun rooms. For those who choose to work remotely, various online initiatives are also available: trainings, competitions, webinars or charity actions – says Iwona Michaluk, Senior UX Designer at Sii.

In Lublin there is also an Employee Committee – it is a grassroots initiative that supports the integration of branch employees, enabling involvement in the organization of key events for the company.

– Thanks to these meetings, we have a real impact on meeting the expectations and ideas of our Power People from Lublin. We can address doubts and solve problems on an ongoing basis – says Michalina Zarzeczna-Dudziak, Administration Shared Services Center Manager at Sii, representative of the Employee Committee.

Sii is the only IT company in Lublin to be awarded the Great Place to Work title. The survey index in the Lublin branch confirms that it is this friendly atmosphere that employees value most in Sii.

– We share not only common interests and passions, but also commitment to creating the best workplace! – says Aleksandra Wojciechowska, Regional HR Operations & Billing Manager at Sii.

Sii Lublin has ambitious development plans. Taking into account the number of open positions, the number of employees may increase by as much as a 100 by the end of the year. There are also plans to develop further Sii Poland central units in the Lublin branch, such as Recruitment Shared Services Center.

Do you want to become part of the Sii Lublin team and develop in the latest technologies in a great working atmosphere? Check out our job offers and join us!

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