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    The Unified Control File – Sii’s Special Offer for Big Companies

    According to the tax ordinance from September 2015, with the 1st of July, enterprises with over 250 employees or with an income exceeding 50 M Euro, will be obliged to provide financial data in an electronic form of the Unified Control File (JPK). The process of adjusting the systems to the new requirements can take anything from several weeks to up to several months. Sii has prepared a special offer for those, who still haven’t solved the problem of the Unified Control File in their company.

    The system of financial controls through the Unified Control File has been previously introduced in several Western European Countries. The implementation of the UCF in Poland, already named a revolution, compared to the VAT changes from 2011, aims at improving electronic fiscal controls and decreasing the probability of errors. At the same time it forces entrepreneurs to adjust their IT systems to the rigorous rules set out by the Ministry. Tax offices have been preparing for this change for several years, now big enterprise have less than 2 months to do the same.

    Sii’s offer concerning UCF is addressed to companies with an elaborate and complicated IT infrastructure, more than one source financial system as well as to companies which wish to generate the UCF files outside their main IT system.

    Among the main advantages of our solution, the following cannot be missed:

    • easy integration with the IT systems used by the company
    • fast implementation process of the solution, thanks to the employment of components trusted in the world of business
    • ease of expanding and adjusting to new legal requirements
    • high security of financial data, which doesn’t leave the company’s internal web on any stage before the generation of the XML files.

    You can find more information about the Unified Control File (JPK) and Sii’s offer on our web page dedicated to UCF.

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