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Three reasons why Sii is an undeniable European leader in the field of testing services

Test services are one of the most rapidly growing areas in Sii’s range of services. The company is currently the largest and most modern in Poland service provider implementing projects for leading Polish and European enterprises. Why is the company recognized as the European leader of test services?

First of all – scale and experience

Sii is the largest test service provider in Poland, both in terms of the number of testing engineers and practical knowledge that specialists bring to the projects. For over 13 years, Sii has been involved in projects from many different sectors – test teams offer valuable know-how acquired over years of cooperation with clients, including the area of ​finance, industry, automotive, electronics or pharmaceuticals, where we successfully ran tests in accordance with Computer System Validation (CSV) and GxP. The extensive range of successfully completed projects and our engineers’ vast experience enables Sii to effectively select relevant tools and approaches for performing tests.

– Already more than 800 Sii engineers support our clients in their daily work, providing test services at the highest possible level. We are currently recognized as the best provider of this type of service in Poland, and we are still developing. We have over 100 international clients and, thanks to our flexibility and skill set, we can run the largest and most complex projects with full confidence. At our branches, we test major-scale implementations for leading Polish and international companies. We are proud that we have managed to gather together the best and most experienced experts in one place, along with tools and software specially designed for comprehensive quality and test management – says Marcin Laksander, Sii’s Testing Competency Center Director.

By the end of 2020, the company plans to hire an additional 500 experts, 50% of whom will run projects for foreign companies in the nearshore model.

Secondly – international recognition

Sii’s Test Services were twice awarded in international rankings last year – Computerworld TOP200 and 20 Leading Testing Providers, run by TEST Magazine. The presence on the list of the best suppliers is associated with prestige for a company whose dynamic development is possible due to the high quality of services provided and successful cooperation with business partners.

– As the IT and Engineering leader in Poland, we value the awards and distinctions that we have received. They confirm the high quality of the services we provide in Poland and on international markets. They also help us entice new clients to cooperate, as well as engineers to join a company that provides interesting projects and excellent opportunities for development. Test services are among the most rapidly growing products offered by Sii, and the distinctions in the Computerworld TOP200 and 20 Leading Testing Providers rankings confirm our undisputed position in this field – says Krzysztof Krężel, Chief Operating Officer at Sii.

Thirdly – leading technologies

Sii uses the latest technologies supporting software testing on a daily basis, and has the status of an official partner of the leading test tool manufacturers, including Tricentis, which created the most modern platform on the market that allows you to speed up the DevOps process and work in accordance with the requirements of the Agile methodology.

The company is constantly developing its offer in the area of testing. Currently, it extends it to include services related to digital transformation and Continuous Testing. There is a strong trend on the market to move away from the cascade model (waterfall) to agile methodologies (Agile). As part of this process, the DevOps methodology, based on the interdependence of IT development and maintenance, is becoming more and more popular in IT companies. The implementation of test services in the form of Continuous Testing is one of the key elements that enable this model to function properly.

– Agile, DevOps, or digital transformation does not exist without Continuous Testing. Every company that wants to implement frequent changes in its IT systems must implement this testing model. It’s best to do so by using good practices and tools specially designed to support Agile or DevOps. Continuous Testing is not only automation, but also optimization of the scope of tests, data management and virtualization of test environments. Never before has testing been so important in the software development process as in the era of digital transformation and as part of the DevOps methodology – explains Marcin Laksander.

Prospects for the future

Thanks to the competences and involvement of Sii test engineers, Poland is becoming a testing center for Europe and the world. Currently, Sii’s test teams support clients primarily from Scandinavian and German-speaking countries, but expansion into other European as well as the American market is planned in the coming years. These development plans are supported by an analysis of the situation of individual sectors and the assessment of trends in the test services industry.

So what are the prospects for this field? –  Automation will continue to develop, but new areas of interest will also appear. Among other things, there will be an increase in the demand for test services in the area of Business Intelligence and Internet of Things. The popularity of mobile app tests will hold firm – predicts Marcin Laksander. –  We are observing the further development of this area with some interest. If any new challenges crop up, we will be ready for them at Sii.

How can Sii help your company? Find out more about what services are offered by the Test Services Competence Center.

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