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    Top Gun – how we support top talents

    Providing high quality solutions requires involvement of specialists with highly developed technical and soft skills. Therefore, in order to identify and appreciate the best of the best, the company established a Top Gun program. Our mission is, Power People – to identify and promote our best employees.  

    Top Gun is a program that unites and promotes the best Workers of the company. Pilot bomber jackets and aviator sunglasses won’t give them away but you will recognize them by their high skills in programming, testing and supporting product development as well as their passion that drives their growth.  The aim of this undertaking is to help the best Workers develop in any chosen direction, in line with the Power People! mission.

    In order to become one of the Top Guns you do not have to sit at the helms of a fighter jet, although passion is one of the key factors which determines the choice. It is also necessary to have at least a one and a half years of experience in Sii structures and to achieve the objectives and KPIs which are evaluated during the annual interview. Moreover, it is important to provide the highest quality of the performed tasks and duties, showing willingness to develop and an active and positive attitude in everyday work. A direct supervisor selects a Worker for the program with the help of the candidate’s colleagues.

    Joining the Top Gun program is a special distinction for every Sii Worker. It is also connected with a range of benefits. Its participants fall under a special promotion path within the internal structures of the company or as part of different units on managerial (Team Leader, Service Delivery Manager, Business Manager, Project Manager, Power User), key (Solution Architect) and leader positions. Moreover, the members of the group get a chance of holding additional positions, such as Sii Ambassador, Sii Trainer or Sii Mentor, they can receive invitations to managerial meetings and have a special place when selecting training and certificates for specialists.

    The program was created to select the best of the best and provide them with appropriate conditions for their development. According to the “(R)ewolucja HR” report by HR Polska, currently the key element of management is finding natural leaders. These are the good practices that Sii has followed when implementing the Top Gun program.

    The project is also a tool in the hands of managers who can identify talents in an easier way and focus on their additional development. This, on the other hand, can help them manage responsibilities, control the quality of their execution and devote an appropriate amount of time to correcting possible mistakes. The results? Even more satisfied Sii Power People and Clients. These are ideal conditions for development, both for the Sii team and its business partners.

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