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Transforming non-financial reporting: Salesforce Net Zero Cloud as a key element of ESG strategy

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about sustainability, climate neutrality, and mandatory reporting of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors. Deciding what steps to take and where to start in this area can be difficult. We know that this is a complex process that requires a lot of commitment and investment for your company. However, preparing your organization to report on non-financial factors is a crucial step that cannot be ignored. Unless proper forethought is given at this stage, problems can arise at every subsequent stage of the reporting process. That’s why it’s important to know how to navigate through the process properly.

Preparing your organization for ESG reporting – a first step on the path to sustainability

The best start will be to select people responsible for developing ESG-related activities in the organization. Consider whether you have resources within the company that have sufficient knowledge to manage this topic, or whether you require assistance from outside consultants. This step should be followed by mapping the company’s key business processes and materiality analysis – an assessment of the organization’s impact on the environment.

After identifying the key ESG aspects for the organization, it is high time to select the appropriate indicators in accordance with the reporting standard or standards that you decide to use or which you will be obliged to use due to applicable regulations.

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud – a comprehensive ESG management and data reporting tool

This brings us to the stage of data collection and analysis. At this step, it is worth using an IT tool that will structure the entire process, aggregate all ESG-related data in one place and provide a platform for forecasting, data analysis, and data operationalization in various business processes.

The Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is undoubtedly such a system. What makes it unique?

  • Access to advanced process automation tools, Einstein AI layer, multi-channel notifications, and approval processes. By being part of the Salesforce platform, Net Zero Cloud benefits from the functionalities that make Salesforce CRM the world’s #1 solution.
  • A wide range of possibilities in terms of integration with external systems and data import to give us a full picture of our emissions in a single tool, which will become the ESG command center for your organization.
  • Access to powerful reporting and data visualization modules. By linking with Tableau CRM, Net Zero Cloud allows users to create complex analyses and predictions. The ESG reporting templates prepared in the system will provide direction and significantly speed up the work of those responsible for managing ESG data in your organization.
  • Automatic calculation of the level of greenhouse gas emissions for three ranges in accordance with the GHG Protocol based on data collected in the system and emission factors that are available in the system out of the box.
  • Thanks to the connection to the other Salesforce clouds, it is possible to use ESG-related data in decision-making at the level of differentiated business processes such as sales or logistics, e.g., when planning business trips.
  • The ability to set up a Supplier Portal, which enables the exchange of information between your organization and the companies you work with. Suppliers can enter their emission levels manually, by importing files or using various plug-ins or connectors. Aggregating data from suppliers allows you to report data across the whole supply chain, which is necessary if your supply chain activities are those that have a significant impact on the environment. A Supplier Portal can also play an educational role – it familiarizes your partners with the subject of ESG through articles and tutorials, showing them what exactly you expect from them and why.
The year 2023: a crucial moment for companies in the area of non-financial reporting

The year 2023 marks the final call for large enterprises to prioritize non-financial reporting and align their ESG strategy with their overall business strategy. It is also an opportune moment for small and medium enterprises to focus on this matter. What’s more, we can predict that the requirement for non-financial reporting will spread over time, until it finally reaches every organization present on the European market.

According to the new regulations, the sustainability report is to become a fully-fledged part of the companies’ annual report, as important as the financial report. However, it is important to emphasize that the annual creation of a sustainability report should not become an end in itself. By definition, the ESG strategy should be considered an integral part of a company’s strategy. Furthermore, activities around climate neutrality should be treated as a process that is constantly evaluated and adjusted to minimize the organization’s impact on the environment as effectively as possible. Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, famous for its flexibility and the ability to make changes using configuration without the necessity to use the code, undoubtedly realizes this idea.

Preparing an organization for reporting is a time-consuming process that requires the involvement of many parties – management, internal departments within the company, stakeholders, and often also suppliers or external consultants. Choosing the right tool can effectively structure this process and streamline many of its elements. Consequently, implementing the ESG strategy becomes more manageable, and actions aimed at its execution seamlessly integrate into the overall business operations.

Analysis, mapping, configuration, and training – support from Sii experts at your fingertips

Sii specialists are ready to help you throughout the entire process of addressing the sustainability of your organization. We offer a wide range of services that include analyzing your needs, mapping ESG-related processes to the capabilities of the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud platform, identifying data sources and verifying integration capabilities with external systems. Our experienced consultants will also help configure the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud system, design automation to support end-user workflows and define the application access structure. Moreover, they will conduct training for users responsible for the ESG area in your organization, to enable you to develop the full potential of the application.

Sii’s dedicated team also provides long-term administrative support and the possibility for further application development. This will allow your company to continually meet changing needs and applicable regulations, ensuring effective sustainability management.

Learn more about Salesforce Net Zero Cloud. Get in touch to see how Sii experts can help you optimize your business operations and achieve your sustainability goals.

5/5 ( votes: 6 )
5/5 ( votes: 6 )
Paulina Kapturska-Lencka

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