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A third approach to Sii. The story about flexibility, growth, and returning to the company 

Working for a company whose culture and values match our own is the key to career satisfaction for many people. Our interviewee confirms this by sharing his unique story related to Sii. After two shorter collaboration episodes, he pursued a long-term professional relationship with the company. Using the tools to develop and change projects Sii offers, he has found a rewarding career path that allows him to make the most of his skills and aspirations. Read an interview with Hieronim Boćkowski, who works as a Software Engineer at Sii Poland. 

Your story is unique – you ended your cooperation with Sii twice, but you returned to the organization each time after a short break.  

Yes, it’s true. At the moment, my third adventure with Sii is underway. The first one, in the Wroclaw branch, lasted a few months – unexpectedly, for everyone, the client for whom I was doing a project withdrew. Then, I was associated with the company for the second time in Cracow for eight months. My current job at Sii has lasted continuously since December 2021.

In the case of the most recent recruitment for a job at Sii, it turned out to be an interesting coincidence that our company approached me just as I was beginning my search for new employment. Everything moved quickly before I had time to submit my resume anywhere else. Having previous experience with Sii, I knew what to expect, so I only thought briefly. The hiring process turned out to be lightning-fast. The client was determined to find the right person for their project quickly. I met the requirements and started work.

Joining Sii in 2015, you took the position of Software Engineer. What was the introduction to your responsibilities like? 

Although I had the team’s support, I have to admit that my skills didn’t quite fit well with the project requirements. This forced me to study hard and explore new areas of knowledge. I’m persistent and eager to develop my skills, but this situation did not allow me to reach my full potential. Perhaps this also affected my motivation somewhat. Nevertheless, the knowledge I gained proved helpful later on.

I want to emphasize that despite these challenges, the support I received from the team was invaluable, and the atmosphere in the workplace was really great.

What did your daily duties consist of? 

My primary duties were related to transferring libraries written in C between projects. The work consisted mainly of manipulating makefiles with little programming. During this period, my knowledge in specific areas expanded significantly. The most important skills I gained were an understanding of the structure of makefiles, the ability to write my own, and familiarity with tools for analyzing the contents of files generated when compiling C libraries.

In 2022, you decided to use the Job Changer tool.  

When a project for my current client ended, I used Job Changer to find new opportunities at Sii. At that time, my previous Line Manager offered me to participate in another project. However, he suggested that I review the available offers on the Job Changer platform on my own. This definitely shows how flexibility and choice are embedded in Sii’s culture.

Thanks to the Job Changer platform, you’re already working on a different project today. Are you satisfied with the change? 

I found the project change extremely rewarding, although finding the right one proved to be a bit of a challenge. However, I definitely feel more comfortable with the new project. Although the work seems more demanding, it is much closer to my competencies, directly affecting my involvement.

Our team is responsible for creating a new version of an existing application – this time under Linux, written in C++. We create the whole thing from scratch; it gives us a complete understanding of how the application works from the inside. In addition, we can use the latest version of C++, which allows us to develop continuously. I had the pleasure of writing a large part of the final code and tests, which greatly satisfied me. I am currently developing a new user interface application – a task that fits perfectly with my skill set and the area I specialize in.

The only minor downside is the higher number of meetings. Fortunately, they are kept to a reasonable standard.

To whom would you recommend using Job Changer? 

I recommend the Job Changer platform to anyone who feels their current jobs are not allowing them to reach their full potential. Given the number of offers available, everyone has a chance to find something that better suits their skills, interests, and career aspirations.

Do you think Sii is a workplace that supports employee development? 

Yes, I think Sii is a place that fosters employee development. The company organizes numerous events that many of us take advantage of. In addition, Sii offers programs such as Job Changer, Mentoring, and Buddy, which allow us to exchange knowledge, experience and develop new competencies.

Of course, no workplace is perfect, and at Sii, too, I see areas for improvement  – I think a wider range of hardware accessories would be helpful. Nevertheless, I can see that Sii is constantly striving for progress and growing in this area. I value this and think it’s another aspect that speaks in favor of the company as an employer.

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