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RPA is a multi-vertical and cross-business technology which can automate different processes and tasks regardless of the nature of your business activity. Our team guides you through the entire RPA development process. We can perform a full implementation of robotization or just individual steps.

We help you to select the process to be robotized, in advance analyzing robotization possibilities and development time. Before implementation or upgrade, our experts test the robot to ensure that it works and helps optimize specific business processes.

It’s important to carefully plan automation processes and their order. We make analyses, prepare documentation, and come up with recommendations on the next actions. At this stage we’re able to predict ROI (fluctuating between 30% and 70%). The first ROI can be expected after a few months.

Sii experts advise you on the environment (virtual or the cloud) as well as components such as servers, RPA machines, and tools used to develop robots. Our team monitors the implementation of selected elements, machine settings, software installation, and maintenance of the entire infrastructure.

Our teams support you in building the infrastructure both in the cloud and on premise. After installation lasting a few days, we focus on robotic process automation. This usually takes 1-2 months.

We provide adequate tools to monitor, control, and repair your robots. In case of doubts or emergencies, our team becomes the second line of support. Sii experts manage the construction of robots and environments in which they work.

Sii helps you find answers to your business-related questions and provides support by identifying processes to be robotized and then managing them. Presentations, workshops, Q&A sessions, business cases preparation – all this allows you to understand the concept of RPA and business advantages it brings.

Sii experts support clients in the construction of CoE, making RPA an integral part of their company.

  • Trainings for developers – with the aim of broadening your team’s knowledge of RPA, Sii organizes internal trainings adapted to their needs. We cover the topic of process analysis, robot construction, and maintenance, always taking into account the participants’ skills and experience.
  • Infrastructure delivery – as part of our services, we either support the client in building the infrastructure or build it for them. Sii experts provide the documentation required for setting up the environment or hand it over once the implementation process is complete.
  • Process & business analysis – concentrating on immediate or long-term goals to be reached, we analyze business-specific processes and plan their automation carefully.

If you don’t have your own IT resources, we can share with you a part of the environment. It is us that help the client choose areas and processes in the case of which robotization would bring measurable benefits. We offer different payment models, depending on your needs:

  • Hourly rate – the actual time spent by the robot working
  • FTE – once specific results are achieved, no need to cover any costs during the initial project phase
  • Per license – percentage of license usage

If requested, we can extend your RPA team with Sii experts or offer temporary help of top specialists in process automation. You can count on the assistance of engineers (at different levels) or a dedicated team of developers specializing in one of the supported technologies: Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, UiPath.

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