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About the client

Serves more than 500,000 customers around the globe, seeking insights from the building blocks of life – DNA, RNA and proteins. Deliver Sample to Insight solutions for molecular testing, propelling their customers from start to finish to unlock new insights.

The challenge

Sii experts support QIAGEN in a project which main goal is to develop software for DNA analysis using the dPCR method. The PCR reaction consists of the multiplication of genetic material with the use of polymerase. This allows  to multiply the searched fragment of genetic information.

What we did

The application, created in cooperation with Sii, allows the analysis of images transmitted directly from the QIAGEN instrument. The images are analyzed for the presence of the dye and then the concentration of the multiplied sequence is verified by statistical analysis. Sii provided senior specialists in the two main departments:

  • R&D: NGS and other (C++, Java, .Net, BA, DevOps).
  • Digital: E-commerce solution (QA, BA, Web).


Thanks to the cooperation, the Client could meet the dynamically changing requirements and regulations of the biotechnology market.

Main software features include:

  • Absolute quantification
  • Mutation detection
  • Genome editing
  • Copy number variation
  • Gene expression analysis
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