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10 years of Sii Poland R&D expertise – explore the latest cutting-edge solutions

Sii Poland, a top provider of IT, engineering and BPO services in Poland, has been building strong competence in the area of R&D for nearly a decade. The company carried out numerous projects, creating brand new, cutting-edge solutions and developing excellent client relations. Recently, Sii’s R&D expertise has been confirmed with the prestigious Research Tax Credit (CIR) accreditation from French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. 

Sii Poland has been a strategic partner for clients in need of innovative solutions for almost 10 years. It all started in 2011 with the project for the world’s highestvalued semiconductor chip manufacturer. A team of 8 Sii’s engineers worked on the solution of the future – graphics card drivers that were expected to hit the market soon. The excellent work of these specialists enabled the company to gain the client’s trust and gradually begin to support their other technology departments through various business models.  

– Right now we are proud of achieving a significant milestone400 Sii Power People working mainly from Sii offices, delivering 95% of projects as managed services, which is an outcomebased business approachmost suitable for R&D due to its characteristics. In the case of R&Dit is often hard to define the project scope. With Sii’s managed services, clients pay for the outcome, and the suppliers are more motivated to obtain the desired results and look for efficiencies in their processes. Thanks to our client’s trust, Sii has been able to develop further, building a strong competency base for R&D projects – says Przemysław Włoczkowski, Head of High-Tech, Electronics & Industrial Engineering Industry at Sii Poland. 

Not only IT solutions 

Since the first projectsSii Poland’s experience has been quite cross-cuttingThe company  has continued cooperation with the leading semiconductor chip manufacturer and has worked with the world’s largest consumer electronics producer on design and implementation of solutions for 5G networking such as 5G. Moreover, Sii has partnered with a Dutch global semiconductor manufacturer in the design of new solutions of key firmware components for smartcard and NFC chipsets. The Polish leader has also worked with a top automotive technology solutions provider to design embedded software as well as develop and test automotive systems connected with efficiency of vehicles, entertainment and safety.  

Sii is a trusted expert not only in Poland nor Europe. Working for two of our clients, the company has even delivered project targeting the Japanese market. With OnSemiconductor, Sii has always supported and created added value for the end users, developing consumer electronics productsSii engineers have provided a 3-platform mobile application for power banks which allows verification of the battery charge level and not onlyThey have also rewritten operating systems and made improvements in energy-saving chips for vaporizers. For another clientJapanese semiconductor manufacturer, Sii has completed a project connected with neural networks, using embedded systems and lowlevel software. 

 R&D projects are exciting and unpredictable, often referred to as the projects of the future. Everything that is certain today can dramatically change tomorrow. At Sii Poland we are ready for those conditions, being able to provide qualified engineers who create project teams and can work in a dynamically changing environment. However, external factors  do not affect us that much when working with R&D clients. For instance, despite the ongoing global pandemic, the products developed by our teams will be available on the market in a few years so our long-term prospects are definitely positive. R&D survived previous epidemics, recessions and our work continued as these projects and the industry as a whole are not that sensitive to external circumstances – says Przemysław Włoczkowski. 

Conditions fitting specific needs 

R&D projects need extra attention. This might mean choosing a team of experienced specialists, with very particular expertise in technology, industry and often even certain solutions to be further developedThanks to 16 Competency Centers, Sii Poland has cross-technological capabilities to deal with any challenges, including engineering, embedded systems, IoT or machine learning. 

The teams work in customized project spaces, within separate, protected IT infrastructure and internet connection to ensure both physical and intellectual property security. Sii spaces meet highest security requirements and expectations – Sii Poland is certified with the Common Criteria ISO 15408 standard. 

Moreover, in many projects Sii engineers require specialist equipment on a daily basis, which sometimes means building a separate lab. Currently, such labs operate in 4 Sii office locations. One of them has been prepared to service project teams working for the chip manufacturing giant’s projects, connected with data center, servers and networking. Right now, at a Sii lab, the engineers work on server platforms that will be used by the biggest social media service in the world. Sii Power people help improve the internet – the networking projects involve routers and switches used in global communication. In another lab the global semiconductor manufacturer’s most innovative solutions are designedThe third lab is used to find pioneering solutions in biotechnology, and Sii has built two more for innovation for the automotive and rail industry. 

Specialist projects prove Sii’s expertise 

All those special projects environments were build to enable delivery of solutions such as the management system for smart home devices for an intelligent living solutions provider. In order to develop and later increase the functionality of the system, our engineers created a local system server application and user interface application, as well as helped design and implement new functionalities inside of existing software packages. As a result, the users are able to integrate multiple external devices through electric lines and Ethernet network.  

Another project worth mentioning is the one completed for the American semiconductor supplier and leader in Bluetooth Low Energy solutions. Their Bluetooth chip is being provided along with the Software Development Kit to allow their customers to quickly develop specific functionalities. As a result of our project, the SDK offered by our client has been extended with new drivers or sample applications, which now makes it even easier for the user to create their own projects. 

For Sii Poland, the most important of the recently completed R&D projects is the one connected with Data Lake that we worked on with Ingenico – a world-leading provider of electronic payment solutions and services. In today’s information economy, data has become the primary assets for organizations. And Ingenico is perhaps the greatest example of this given the exponentially growing volume of transaction data and information that need to be processed in real time.  

– Since 2017, the Sii Poland expert project team together with Ingenico teams have been innovating to enhance the way growing amount of payment transactions data is stored and managed by Ingenico. On a higher level, our teams concentrated on designing and developing solutions based on Hadoop framework, with focus on Spark real-time processing and NoSQL databases – says Grzegorz Trepka, Business Manager at Sii Poland, working with Ingenico. 

The project is important for Ingenico because it brings enhancements at both, the technological level – as the novel solution is future-proof and meets aggressive performance SLAs and at the business level because the newly created system is an enabler for new features and additional value added services Ingenico could benefit from. There is one additional benefit. Thanks to the Tax Research Credit accreditation obtained by Sii Poland, our French clients, including Ingenico, can claim substantive tax relief on their research and development expenses outsourced to Sii Poland. Effectively it means they can accelerate innovation even further as their R&D budgets can be bigger by up to 30%.  I’m really delighted that the CIR certification has been granted to Sii Poland for this project by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. It not only allows our French partners to benefit from the R&D tax schemes but also certifies our maturity and R&D capabilities to make substantial advancements in contemporary technological challenges – adds Grzegorz Trepka. 

Sii Poland currently works with over 35 companies on projects connected with research and development of innovative solutions. With over 300 engineers engaged in those projects, we are an experienced and reliable partner to entrust your technological advancement to. 

If you wish to know more about our projects and how Sii’s experts can help you improve your solutions, visit our website. 

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