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40 employees of Sii will run in the 40th PZU Warsaw Marathon and will raise 40 000 PLN for charity

Employees of Sii, the leader of IT services and engineering in Poland, take another athletic challenge. The team of 40 daredevils wants to run a distance of over 42 km during the 40th jubilee  edition of the Warsaw Marathon. The action also has a charitable dimension − each runner is raising funds for the Rak’n’Roll foundation. The team is preparing for the marathon with the support of coaches: Katarzyna Gorło and Bartosz Olszewski, running bloggers known for their outstanding achievements.

The #Siiruns40WM project is implemented by experts in different fields: various language programmers, testers, business analysts, as well as HR, sales, management and finance specialists. Moreover, the project also involves employees of Sii who will not run the streets of Warsaw on September 30, as one of the key elements of the project is to contribute to the society. Sii marathon runners, supported by colleagues from the company, as well as their friends and acquaintances, take part in the #Biegamdobrze action. The team plans to collect a total of PLN 40 thousand for the jointly selected purpose − the Rak’n’Roll Foundation.

− As the originator of this initiative, I am very proud that so many people have decided to get involved in this unique project whose main objectives are consistent with the objectives and values of Sii: commitment to the team and having fun, promotion of healthy, active lifestyle and support to those who need motivation, strength of spirit and the will to fight − says Maciej Topczewski, Director of the Lodz branch of Sii and running enthusiast, who ran in several European marathons. − These forty people with different sports experience have taken not only one, but two huge challenges: to run a marathon with the best personal result and to earn at least PLN 40 thousand for a common goal. I believe that with the support of the whole of Sii and our coaches, we will achieve success − adds Maciej Topczewski.

The organisers of the 40 runners for the 40th PZU Warsaw Marathon project have decided to cooperate with two well-known and experienced amateur athletes: Bartosz Olszewski (the best runner in the world in last year’s the Wings for Life, the author of the blog and Katarzyna Gorło (coach, amateur with great sports results in racing and triathlon, the author of the runtheworld blog). 40 employees of Sii have been training for 3 months under the supervision of the coaches, setting goals together and analysing results on an ongoing basis.

− I must admit that it is a very exciting project for us. It has always been great to have the opportunity to prepare someone for a marathon and now we can work on the shape of 40 people at once! It is not only a lot of work, but also huge responsibility. However we are certain that by supporting each other we will succeed. The charitable aspect of this initiative is also very important to us. We have taken part in previous editions of #BiegamDobrze and we are very glad that such as big company, as Sii, not only supports their employees in pursuing their dreams, but also thanks to that will help the ones in need – says Bartosz Olszewski, the Sii running team coach.

Currently, intensive preparations for the run are underway − the participants are working on both their physical and mental condition. Funds are also collected for the common goal: PLN 40 thousand for the Rak’n’Roll Foundation. Everyone can support any collection by clicking on the runner below. − Increasing amounts in the accounts are a great motivation for the runners. They know that they cannot disappoint the charges of the foundation, and it makes them train even harder – emphasises the Director of Sii Lodz.

The team of 40 runners from Sii for the 40th PZU Warsaw Marathon:

Sii Gdansk: Barbara, Ewa, Jacek, Mateusz, Mateusz, Paweł

Sii Katowice: Karolina, Łukasz, Marcin, Marcin, Przemek

Sii Cracow: Iza

Sii Lublin: Grzegorz, Jacek, Przemek

Sii Lodz: Adam, Ewa, Ewa, Ewelina, Łukasz, Maciej, Przemek

Sii Poznan: Łukasz, Mateusz, Paweł, Piotr, Seweryn

Sii Warsaw: Arek, Bartek, Karolina, Łukasz, Marek, Martyna, Tomek

Sii Wroclaw: Marcin, Marek, Mariusz, Paweł, Piotr, Sebastian

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