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    Administration: you cannot get bored here!

    She joined Sii Wroclaw in 2010, at the start of the period of rapid growth of the branch, which at that time had approx. 20 people. Currently she heads the 12-person Administration Department, whose tasks are widening.


    “Working in the administration may seem not as dynamic, as in fact is – I assure you that the opposite is true! Every day welcomes us with surprises, new challenges and new people. We deal with projects settlement for our customers, service the HR and payroll, settle the costs but also support other departments in these areas. You will never get bored here! – says Aleksandra.

    She started as a specialist, but a year later she became the manager. Her personal responsibilities and that of the whole department are constantly expanding and evolving. “I have worked in the administration at Sii Wroclaw for nearly six years, but I did not feel stagnation for one moment. I participated in the implementation of many new processes, procedures and systems. The department of Administration at our company always aims to be better, therefore working within this group of people motivates me to continuous development! What is more in my everyday job I love dealing with challenges and unusual problems – and Administration never stops surprising you with them. I take it as a perfect opportunity for new precious information and lesson. My tailstock is on the employment of foreigners. I also got to know the methods of accounting for projects on the fixed-price basis, which our department has not used so far” – she says.



    Currently, I`m primarily responsible for management of 12-person department, support of the team members in their daily challenges, knowledge sharing, recruitment and on-boarding of new employees. My duties include verification and costs validation, which from the perspective of Cost Owners are one of the key issues. The latest challenge was the new allocation of responsibilities in the team. We have separated two areas: the so-called Worker Management and Project Administration. Currently, each of the Administration Specialists is involved in both fields. After the implementation of changes, our staff will become specialised – the experience of other branches show that  that this kind of work organisation is simply more effective” – says Aleksandra. Aleksandra appreciates that she works among people who, like her, are focused on professional and personal development. “I have the pleasure to work with people who are extremely knowledgeable and committed to what they do.

    Their positive attitude to the world really drives me and gives me energy. Together, we discuss emerging challenges, exchange experiences and seek improvements in the work of the Administration Department and the entire company. As a manager I do not directly perform many tasks assigned to the area of administration, however, I try to keep up with all task executed by my team. Girls always work for the best result!” – she stresses. Teamwork and continuous search for improvements have been appreciated at the level of the entire company – Aleksandra and members of her department have been awarded three times in the competition for the best Administration Department.I am proud that I was able to build such a competent and committed team, whose members excel at everyday challenges in the professional sphere, and like each other in the private sphere. As for the awards, they show that our ideas for innovations in the way we work are important, that we create a real value for the company” – Aleksandra sums up.

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