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An experienced team of engineers, projects for global brands and a modern office – get to know Sii Bydgoszcz

This autumn, Sii Bydgoszcz will celebrate its first year of activity. Over the past few months, 40 experienced engineers have joined the Bydgoszcz branch – mainly Java, .NET, C/C++ developers, along with experts in the field of testing, BI tools, ServiceNow and cloud solutions. Local specialists carry out projects for some of Sii’s key clients. In addition, since the beginning of June they have occupied one of the most modern office space in the region – the Immobile K3 building.

– We are a partner for the other Sii branches in Poland. Together, we build teams of specialists so that we can best respond to our clients’ needs – says Anna Boruszkowska-Becmer, Branch Manager in Bydgoszcz. – By the end of the year, an Offshore Development Center will have opened in Bydgoszcz for one of the largest and most famous global IT giants with whom we work. We are glad that the manufacturing leader of semiconductor systems has decided to locate their development center here. As part of the project, Sii engineers are developing low-level software and participate in the development of automated test environments. The ODC means more jobs, mainly for C / C ++, C # and Python programmers as well as for people with experience in testing. We are also building a back office team in this branch, i.e. HR, recruitment and administration departments, so that we will be able to develop even more rapidly – Branch Manager in Bydgoszcz adds.

The market potential of Bydgoszcz is tremendous. Employees in local BPO, SSC, IT and R&D centres number over 10,000. The most significant category of services provided in these centres is invariably IT.

– Of the major business services centres in Poland, Bydgoszcz takes first place when it comes to its share of IT services in the employment structure. This is a consequence of the strategy implemented by the city authorities and the successively projected image of Bydgoszcz as a strong centre for modern technologies and services, with a local specialisation in IT. By offering investors a stable business environment, strong technical facilities, esteemed universities and qualified staff, we are successfully building the image of a city that is open to outsourcing – says Rafał Bruski, President of the City of Bydgoszcz.

– We welcome the fact that more and more international companies find a good climate for investing in our city. Access to technical knowledge, competent human resources and excellent infrastructure are the undoubted advantages of our city – explains Edyta Wiwatowska, President of the Bydgoszcz Regional Development Agency. – The commitment of investors, local government campaigns, excellent cooperation with local high schools and universities, along with the active support of the BRDA encourages investors to create attractive new workplaces where open and competent employees have a chance to complete projects with a global reach – she adds.

The strength and experience of specialists from this part of Poland are also demonstrated by the roles that they play at the Sii Bydgoszcz branch.

– At the moment, I’m working for a client from the pharmaceutical industry. The team is international, so I cooperate with colleagues from England, the United States, Switzerland and Japan on a daily basis. At Sii I lead the largest team for this customer – explains Oktawian Grochowski, Test Leader at Sii Bydgoszcz.

At the Bydgoszcz office, we can also find Paweł Imiela, Service Delivery Manager, who is responsible for managing the provision of services in the area of ServiceNow – a strategic partner of Sii. The role of Service Delivery Manager is to build services, implement and maintain existing contracts. One of the projects completed for a global consulting company is, among others, a parking space automation system for all the customer’s offices. And this is just one of the innovations that are being implemented. Specialists from Sii Bydgoszcz carry out projects for many different industries, such as: automotive, fin-tech, financial services, banking, robotics and automation, public sector, public utilities and medical.

– At the moment, I’m creating some software for German hospitals to help them with their obligations to document, analyse and report treatments completed in terms of quality of execution. The customer is open to my suggestions and solutions, so I feel that I have a real influence on the final shape of the product – adds Arkadiusz Szechlicki, Fullstack Developer at Sii Bydgoszcz.

A new office to complement our first successes

In June, the Sii Bydgoszcz team moved to a new office located in the most modern building in the region, whose major advantage is its location in the very heart of Bydgoszcz, just 200 meters from the Old Market Square.

– We are glad that such a well-known company as Sii recognised the advantages that our Immobile K3 building offers and joined our large group of tenants. Our aim was to create somewhere that will become a recognisable address on the office market and breathe life into the surrounding area while also attracting brands that are new to Bydgoszcz. In addition to its modern technical and architectural solutions, the building’s most important asset is undoubtedly its location right in the heart of the city that ensures excellent transport accessibility as well as the opportunity to enjoy nearby restaurants, cafes and cultural attractions – explains Maciej Wawrzyniak, Sales and Property Management Director, CDI Konsultanci Budowlani.

The leitmotif of the interior are the days of the Poland People’s Republic – here you can find, inter alia, a conference room named “Rada zakładowa” [“Works council”] or rooms for working in silence called “Brdyujście” [a district of Bydgoszcz] and “Rozmowy kontrolowane” [“Monitored calls”]. Engineers are also provided with skateboards, longboards or scooters hanging from the wall.

– I appreciate that from the very beginning I could influence the new office space’s furniture, fittings and appearance. This has translated into a place where you want to work and where I feel really good – says Fabian Ehrlich, .NET Developer at Sii Bydgoszcz.

The Great Place to Work Poland prize awarded for the fifth time and the second prize on a European scale testify to the job satisfaction enjoyed by Sii employees. In the near future, open days and technological workshops will be held in the new office space in Bydgoszcz. All meetings organized by Sii can be followed thanks to a dedicated group on Facebook. In September, the Bydgoszcz team will also be present at the annual bITconf conference.

Information on current job offers at Sii Bydgoszcz can be found on the company’s website under the career section.

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