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    Analysts for a special mission – a project for the banking sector

    For its client from the banking industry, Sii has created a special team of analysts for the purpose of a global project integrating data used by the bank’s financial departments worldwide. The main idea behind it was to hire the best specialists solely from the financial sector – without any connection to the IT industry.

    Sii is recognized for its extremely efficient and effective recruitment. Close cooperation between the Recruitment Department and specialists in the field, allows us to take on even the most complex challenges for our clients.

    One such challenge was providing support for a project for a bank offering individual banking services. This was designed to create a global database, by gathering data from all the branches of the institution for the needs of its financial departments located worldwide. The implementation was a big challenge and lasted a few years, which should not be surprising, considering the fact that the bank has its branches in 100 countries, on all inhabited continents.

    The initial assumption was that the implementation was to be carried out by a team unrelated to financial analysis. Sii’s client, however, decided on a different strategy, and went in the opposite direction – wanting to create a team, consisting exclusively of financial analysts from within its own organization. However, due to the planned size of the team and its very specialized profile this task turned out to be impossible to implement with the engagement of the bank’s own resources. Therefore the institution decided to look for support and selected – by now a proven partner – Sii, building on a cooperation of over 10 years.

    Creating a team of financial analysts was a real challenge – it meant finding the best specialists in the field in a short time, who would ensure the success of this large project. The challenge was both the close deadline and the professional profile of the sought-after specialists – it required going beyond the usual recruitment of IT professionals.

    The task was non-standard and so the methods also needed to be unusual, but thanks to the cooperation and joint effort of the Recruitment Department of the Warsaw Branch of Sii and the Financial Services Business Unit, it was successfully completed. The key to this success was the excellent preparation of the staff of the Recruitment Department and great flexibility in the recruitment process. We also managed to find many candidates by means of head-hunting.

    Further enquiries regarding the expansion of the team of analysts created by Sii can be proof of the success of the project, and the fact that Sii has met all the requirements set out by the client.

    Currently, more than 60 Sii specialists in total work for the bank, on various projects.

    Article written by: Agnieszka Dmyterko

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