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    Are you a foreigner looking for a job in IT? Build your future with Sii Poland!

    The fact that Poland is a country with an attractive labor market and is becoming more and more appealing as a place to work for foreigners  is well known – for instance, to  the CEO of Sii Poland. Why Poland is worth giving a shot as a place to start a career, or even a company, which, like Sii, can generate a yearly revenue of 380 million PLN, cooperate with over 200 foreign and Polish Clients and provide employment to 2700 people?– Gregoire Nitot relates in the newest edition of Careers in Poland Magazine.

    The growing interest connected with the intention of starting a business career in Poland, doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. The IT market keeps expanding – this in turn attracts the attention of people living abroad. Local IT companies are thought to be one of the most innovative in the  world. The polish IT sector implements daily the newest technologies and excels in this in comparison with other business industries. Another aspect which attracts foreigners to work in Poland, are high salaries in the IT sector. Local culture and traditions also play their role.

    The first time I had the chance to visit Poland, I got enchanted by Polish hospitality, the dynamism of the economy and the level of life in general. I knew, that it is a country not only open, but also ready for new investments. This is why I decided to start my own business – an IT company – says Gregoire Nitot, CEO of  Sii Poland.

    After 11 years, Sii Poland is the most dynamically growing IT company in Poland, it’s team consists of 2700 professionals. During this time, the CEO of Sii Poland has started a family in Poland and received Polish citizenship.

    Sii relocates engineers from other countries and encourages them to start a professional career in Poland. Currently the company employs 78 experts from countries like: Brazil, Spain, Ukraine, Chile, Venezuela, Greece, New Zealand or Lithuania. To those who decide to join the company and come to Poland, Sii ensures relocation packages to minimize any costs and inconveniences of moving to a foreign country. An international working environment, the acceptance and understanding of different cultures also help workers adapt to the new reality.

    In addition to the favorable conditions for specialists coming to Poland from other countries, Sii focuses on the technological trends and technological development. IT Experts at Sii on a daily basis work with such technologies as: Xamarin, Azure, Angular JS, React JS, DevOps and many others. They carry out projects for numerous companies from all over the world.

    Find out more in the topic of the employment of foreigners in the Careers in Poland guidebook:

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