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In the era of automation of all processes functioning in an organization, at Sii we made a decision to automate one of the main HR processes, which is the employee evaluation process. We launched our own application dedicated to support this process, with its Go-Live taking place in March 2016.

It is an application replacing our previous manual management of periodic appraisals. Instead of an email-paper circulation, the process is currently handled electronically.

All notifications about filling in a form, reminders about interviews, as well as filling the form itself, together with an update of required documents is conducted electronically, in the application, which is embedded on the Process Portal.

What advantages does automation of this process bring?

Above all, it saves time, and, moreover, organizes the process and facilitates its implementation! Thus, we have the possibility to track the interviews and their status. We no longer have to print the form after an interview, sign, scan and upload it to the system. We also do not have to wonder, which form to send to an employee – we simply select the type of the interview and the system itself sends an appropriate form to be completed! We no longer have to send e-mails to all persons from whom we want to obtain feedback on a co-worker – enquiries are sent automatically to the people, who are selected in the system. Employee evaluation by the Administration Department, HR and co-workers is very quick, simple and intuitive. A person asked for an opinion about a co-worker may reject the request with a single click, stating only the reason (e.g. I do not know the person), and if they decide to evaluate, it will take literally a moment.

It is therefore a tool, which significantly facilitates the work of many departments involved in the process of periodic evaluation, as well as of the workers themselves, and after all it is them who we care about the most!

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