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“Become a Tester” – a training that can make your career take a 180-degree turn

Over 20 editions of the “Become a Tester” training in Lublin and nearly 250 participants. Average pass rate of the ISTQB exam at the level of 81% and 20 specialists with whom Sii has established permanent cooperation. These are just some of the numbers proving success of Sii Poland’s proprietary training program, the aim of which is to prepare its students for obtaining qualifications in software testing. Why such popularity and growing interest in completing the course?

This is the most comprehensive training programme available on the market. 48 hours of classes scheduled for weekly sessions give you the opportunity to master basic skills and knowledge necessary for the profession of a manual tester.

– The training covers a wide range of material – from writing test documentation and learning about daily work of a tester, to introducing the SQL language and even foundations of automation. In addition, we also cover areas of business analysis or technical English. We guarantee gaining competences necessary to start your adventure in IT – says Krzysztof Oleszek, Business Analyst and one of the trainers of “Become a Tester”.

The course is aimed at students, graduates, but also people interested in changing their career path. The number of applicants often exceeds the number of available places by two-fold. The training is conducted by the best specialists with several years of experience as testers.

– As practitioners, we focus on translating theoretical knowledge into its practical application. Each of us works in different projects with different technological stacks. Owing to that, we are able to guarantee a broader view of our work and show different approaches to problem solving – explains Remigiusz Bednarczyk, Senior Test and Analysis Engineer and one of the trainers of “Become a Tester”.

The uniqueness of the course and its real translation into a change of one’s professional path are evidenced by examples of people who, after retraining, still work as software testers.

– Before I took part in “Become a Tester” training I worked as a midwife in the hospital in neonatology department and a walk-in clinic. I was thinking about change for a long time, but I was blocked by fear of failure. As it turned out – completely unnecessarily. At first I was self-taught, but only training in Sii allowed me to get to know the real IT world. After successfully completing the course, I have already become a part of this world. I am currently a manual tester in the QA team in Sii, which is an independent unit that performs application testing supported by our internal IT department – says Agnieszka Osiecka, Junior Test Engineer.

– I’m a political scientist by profession. Immediately after graduation I started working in a PR agency – later, in the administration departments of insurance agencies. However, I felt that none of these directions were the ones I wanted to pursue. Due to the fact that many of my friends already worked in IT, I decided to give testing a try. I took part in “Become a Tester” training. It was worth it! I obtained the ISTQB certificate and have been working as a manual tester at Sii for a year and a half now. I am responsible for ensuring quality of applications for external clients, including PUMA, one of the largest manufacturers of footwear and sportswear in the world – adds Anna Marek, Test and Analysis Engineer.

– Before I started my adventure with testing, I worked in an online store, where I managed a product database. I knew that I lacked experience to count on a good start in IT, which is why I signed up for “Become a Tester” training. It was the 7th edition. After passing the ISTQB exam, I received a job offer from Sii. I am currently working as a manual tester in PUMA team, where I deal with quality assurance of the production cycle management system. I work with developers and business analysts. I also conduct technical talks for tester candidates for our project – says Justyna Ochnio, Test and Analysis Engineer.

Since the beginning of this year, manual tester courses have also been conducted outside Lublin – in Warsaw , Wrocław. and Gdańsk. In the following months, they will also be carried out in other Sii Poland locations. For more advanced individuals there are also available trainings preparing for automated testing (locations: Warsaw and Lublin ).

Information about current Sii trainings in all locations can be found on the company’s website in career tab. The schedule of free meetups and workshops is available in the dedicated group on Facebook.

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