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    During this year Manager Weekend, the award for the Best Client was granted. It went into the hands of Filip Szczucki – the Director of Business Unit, which take care for the award-winning client that is Dollar Financial Corp. The reason for the choice of this Client is a huge development of cooperation, diverse and interesting projects, which are implemented in several cooperation models, and a very good relationship with the Client.


    This year, Filip’s Business Unit received the award for the cooperation with the client DFC; this is a company providing financial loans on the American and British markets and in some European countries.

    At the moment, we cooperate with DFC in Canada in the design model. Sii has a team there, which consists of eight people and is responsible for the development and maintenance of front-office and back-office applications. The dominant technologies are .NET technologies as well as solutions based on CMS, e.g. Umbrako.

    When it comes to the cooperation with the DFC in the United Kingdom – Sii has several teams there. Each of them implements a different project but all of them concern front and back office related to granting and execution of loans as well as the implementation of functionalities required by the regulatory authorities – which is very important for our client. The main challenges relate to work under time pressure, the implementation of business requirements appearing quite late. Whereas thanks to the fact that the team has very well organised cooperation, both at the technical and project management level – it manages with these challenges, to the satisfaction of the Client.

    We have been cooperating with DFC Sii for three years; our cooperation begun from the simplest staffing model, with a team consisting of dozens of people. Then, there was the Team Leasing and finally the Design Model. Currently, the total employment in all teams servicing the DFC is over 40 engineers. – Filip Szczucki, the Director of the Business Unit, says. The work of people on the sales side includes managing the project managers, who are responsible for the technical implementation of the project on Sii’s side and establishing and maintaining contacts with decision-making people on the DFC’s side.

    The success is based on the work of many people but definitely the biggest credit is given to Sii’s engineers, who do their best and are very engaged.

    In the project, the engineers face a number of challenges, including, among others, adjustment of business functionalities, integration through micro-sites with lots of associated systems – often written in outdated technologies, which later must be created from scratch improving their architecture, so they are more efficient and give the client the profit on such an investment.

    This year, Filip’s Business Unit received the award for the cooperation with the client DFC. Filip has been hired in Sii as a project manager. Then he was the director of the newly-established Project Department, and after a few years, he moved on the sales side. Currently, he leads the Business Unit, which is responsible for acquiring and maintaining relationships with the Clients and partly for the implementation of projects.

    The client is very satisfied with the cooperation with Sii because they are able to provide their customers with solutions in accordance with the legal requirements very quickly.

    Congratulations and best of luck for the further development of cooperation!

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