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Can relocation during lockdown be successful? Check how Sii Poland took up the challenge and moved the international bank to a new headquarters

Despite the difficulties related to the pandemic and lockdown, Sii Poland moved the headquarters of a leading international bank to a new location. In the prestigious business complex, The Warsaw Hub, Sii experts were responsible for infrastructure, servers, and cabling located on four floors of the new office space, creating 629 fully functional workstations.

Planning in the age of a pandemic

The cooperation between Sii Polska and the client, an international bank operating in over 70 countries, began in October 2019. The initial scope of the contract included coordination of tasks, safe transfer of the current IT infrastructure, and preparation of several hundred workstations. The top floors of the new skyscraper, The Warsaw Hub, were chosen as the bank’s prestigious location. Although the relocation plan was prepared in detail, the outbreak of the pandemic slightly thwarted the concept and put the team to the test.

– Won’t the construction of the skyscraper be suspended? Won’t the key partners refuse to cooperate? Will anyone around us get sick? We had absolutely no influence on any of these issues, but wherever possible, we prepared an alternative together with Sii’s independent teams of specialists – says Piotr Sas, Delivery Manager at Sii Polska.

An additional difficulty was the need to work remotely with the client’s representatives from London, who were unable to travel due to the pandemic.

A broad scope of responsibility and coordination of the partners’ work

While preparing to move the location and coordinating the work of individual business partners of the bank, including several suppliers of telecommunications equipment and services, Sii supervised the prime contractor’s progress and prepared the new premises.

The scope of Sii’s responsibility was broad: from cabling and full equipment of the server room, four communication rooms, and a dedicated Telco Lobby with independent connections and VoIP telephony, through the installation of several racks, air conditioning, emergency power supply, installation and commissioning of several dozen network devices, CCTV monitoring, to participation in the so-called Black Building Tests, which check the building for high availability, efficiency and business continuity in case of a crisis.

629 workstations in 9 months

The whole operation lasted 9 months, and over 15 Sii Poland experts worked on it.

– The project was special due to the pandemic and then the lockdown. It quickly turned into a complicated, highly engaging, but very interesting challenge which, thanks to the hard work of our specialists, was successfully completed – says Kamil Polniaszek, Project Manager at Sii.

– Sii moved several hundred workstations, including the arrangement of additional ones from scratch, a total of 629 fully functional places for employees were created. During the project, Sii experts worked efficiently, were responsive and professional – concludes the Head of Property at the client’s company.

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