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    Cars of the future – toys that become reality in Embedded Systems’ project

    Green Hills Software is a company that creates tools and operating systems used in the Embedded sector. Its technology and service gained recognition in the international market, and amongst its clients there are companies such as: Toyota, Lockheed Martin, Otis Elevator Company, Hewlett Packard and Nintendo. Sii established cooperation as a part of an innovative R&D project from the Automotive industry that focuses on the analysis of safety and reliability of communication between vehicles and infrastructure.

    As part of the cooperation Sii engineers created a demo showing the Vehicle-To-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication possibilities in real time. It also takes the concept of functional safety provided by the INTEGRITY operating system. For the miniature world, a racecourse with speeding vehicle toys was used. The moving cars reacted to the appearing roadblocks and changing traffic lights.

    From the technical side, we premised our project on the working of Green Hills Software – Integrity RTOS and Multi IDE, languages, C, C++, Framework QT and microcontrollers and i.MX6. In some moments, there were as many as fifteen people working on this project–the team had to quickly absorb new knowledge and look for an unconventional solution – says Monika Jaworowska, Service Delivery Director in Sii.

    One of the biggest steps was the adequate personalization of the cars moving on the racetrack. Cars were equipped with sensors and an active system of braking. There were created dedicated architecture and PCB projects. Designed visualization shows the actual speed and the parameters of the system. The communication between the cars (V2V) and the infrastructure (V21) relies on the Power Line Communication technology.

    Thanks to the commitment of the staff of experts and their comprehensive knowledge, a demo was created, which Green Hills Software presented in a prestigious AESIN conference in Great Britain. The system aroused great interest and won many complimentary opinions from the participants of the event.

    The skill of deploying solutions like Green Hills Software is very rare and precious on the market. Sii having this experience, has a chance of becoming recognizable integrators of its tools – says Sebastian Luczak, Business Developer at Sii. At the present time we have a lot of plans when it comes to the future cooperation with Green Hills Software. The first common and commercial project is the production of the second demo-kit and its transfer to the department of Green Hills Software in Detroit.

    The cooperation with the American company is another valuable experience for the engineers in Sii. The use of and deployment of solutions also used with the production of small electronic devices, as well as with airplanes, provides a perfect opportunity for Sii to enter new markets. Thanks to the knowledge of Green Hills Software technology, Sii can extend its offer of services with long term assistance to even with the biggest gamers in the hi-tech market.

    Article written by: Barbara Kun

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