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Sii Poland implements Microsoft Teams and reaches another level of Digital Workplace

Easier communication within the company? The possibility to edit Word and Excel files by the entire team at the same time? All essential applications available in one place? Now it is possible thanks to the latest Digital Workplace tools from Microsoft, recently implemented by Sii Poland, which improve the daily work of over 4 000 users.

Nowadays accumulating data on servers is gradually minimized in favour of migrating them into cloud solutions. All major software providers clearly imply that the future of IT systems lies in the cloud. It is proven by the steady flow of funds directed at the cloud solutions and new license policies, which strongly persuade decision makers to consider cloud as an interesting alternative to on-premise options.

Sii Polska is moving with the times by gradually introducing the newest Microsoft Office 365 services within the organization, what brings significant benefits to all Sii Power People. Among them is MS Teams – the new application bringing internal communication to the next level. It is a replacement for Skype for Business, which has been used so far.

MS Teams – what is is and why is it worth it?

As the name suggests, MS Teams was created to facilitate team cooperation. It significantly boosts knowledge exchange and allows to monitor work progression. This modern service based on cloud combines several functionalities, such as instant messaging, teleconferences with high-quality video and MS Office package integration, thanks to what files can be edited by several users simultaneously. Conversations history and the possibility to create teams and channels allows to limit e-mail correspondence and relieve some weight from e-mail inboxes since all files are stored in the application.

MS Teams has many benefits. First and foremost is easier communication. The tools allows to define an unlimited number of teams and channels to serve all departments, projects and interest groups. As an effect, the knowledge sharing process is better organized. Cooperating with people from outside the organization is also not a barrier – they can be invited to particular teams.

MS Teams gives the possibility to organize live events, such as workshops or webinars. Moreover, within the program the users have the access to built-in Office apps, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, quick Polly surveys and much more.

Implementing the newest cloud Office 365 elements brought many profits to the employees of Sii Poland. All mail boxes have been migrated to Microsoft Exchange Online and the online drive space has been extended to 1TB by introducing the new OneDrive service.

MS Teams – one solution for all, in every location

Introducing MS Teams in Sii Poland was an answer to the needs of employees. The idea of a tool combining both communication and team work was brought up during annual interviews and improvement meetings. The solution unifies communication tools available to all Power People, regardless of their work location – whether it is at Sii or clients’ offices or at homes.

– Power People like working on Teams mainly due to speed and practicality. The solution has all the functionalities of a tool for instant messaging and is an alternative for Skype for Business because it offers much more. There is no need to use e-mail to exchange files, which additionally can be conveniently edited by many users at the same time. The application is also appreciated for introducing solutions and products, which entirely change the way we communicate and have an influence on the entire organization.

MS Teams – a tools tailored to the needs of users

A big advantage is that the tool is continuously developed by Microsoft. Every week brings new functionalities, which limit the number of applications necessary for daily functioning of large companies. It is worth mentioning that soon joining teleconferences through phone, which is often used for meetings with people from outside the organizations, will soon be available, as well as several other plugins, such as Trello or Asana.

To find out more about the possibility to implement Office 365 cloud solutions at your organization contact our experts from the Office 365 Competency Center.

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