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Data Science – how to effectively use data in business

The amount of data available to modern companies is growing exponentially. Gathering them is not everything. Only effective use can bring a market advantage. Dr Grzegorz Koloch, the trainer conducting Sii Poland Training Practice workshops in the field of Data Science talks about the importance of data analysis.

Data Science training

During the Sii workshops: Data Science and introduction to R, participants will raise issues such as:

  • introduction and use of the R environment
  • data mining
  • time series modelling
  • genetic algorithm and artificial neural networks.

The training focuses on the specific application of these techniques in all sectors where a large cluster of data needs to be analyzed. It is addressed to people cooperating with specialists in the field of data-based sciences or those who want to understand its basics.

Besides, Sii also conducts dedicated workshops in the area of Data Science with programming languages such as Python, Matlab and Julia.

Trainer with practical experience

Classes are conducted by Dr Grzegorz Koloch, doctor of economics and assistant professor at the Institute of Econometrics at the Warsaw School of Economics. The Sii expert specializes in computational and optimization methods (econometrics, artificial intelligence, data analysis), implements numerical methods for financial institutions (risk modelling, forecasting, valuation, simulation and optimization). He is the author of calculation engines for banks and investment funds, a consultant in the field of data modelling and the construction of analytical models for stock exchanges, domestic and foreign banks (including GWP, BIS in Basel).

Learn more about training in the area of Data Science on the website:

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