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The 24 000 m2 Dywidag’s factory was up and running in just 3 months – sounds unbelievable? Find out how the Sii experts achieved it!

Sii Poland has supported Dywidag Systems International end-to-end in the area of ​​infrastructure when the company faced an exciting challenge of launching a new factory combined with office and social space. The project was demanding not only because of its scale and the need to adapt to production halls equipment regulations. Additional difficulties were related to the extremely short deadline and lockdown due to pandemic.

Transfer of resources and a completely new IT infrastructure in 3 months

Dywidag Systems International is part of a group that is a European leader in the production and supply of prestressing systems and geotechnical solutions. After years of operating on the market, the existing branch turned out to be too small for the constantly growing company. That’s why Dywidag decided to build and launch in Ruda Śląska a new factory combined with office and social space, with a total area of ​​24 000 sq. m.

The company needed a partner who would not only plan and transfer resources from the current location but also build a complete IT infrastructure in the new headquarters from scratch. All this in an extremely short time – it was to be completed in just three months. Usually, such projects take 6 to 12 months as purchasing the equipment, delivering it on time, and finding specialists are the main difficulties. Experts from Sii Polska took up the challenge.

– I can easily say that when we joined forces with Sii, I felt comfortable about the IT part. Their Project Manager really took over and worked closely with our vendors, partners, and the general constructor of the whole plant – says Paweł Śliwonik, Operation Manager at Dywidag Systems International.

From cabling, through server rooms, to monitoring

The Sii team was involved in the entire process from an early stage of factory construction.

– While the huge hall with offices was being built, we were already planning upcoming stages of the project – says Piotr Sas, Delivery Manager at Sii Poland, responsible for the entire project. – We reviewed the current infrastructure and got to know Dywidag’s needs. Thanks to thorough preparation, we could also suggest to the client a lot of possible improvements.

The project was implemented comprehensively, and all technical issues, such as cabling and installation of IT infrastructure devices, were consulted with the general contractor on an ongoing basis. The challenge was to meet all regulations regarding the equipment of a modern production hall, such as security issues related to EX and fire protection zones, fire walls, required access control, panic doors, or CCTV monitoring.

In addition to installing optical fibers, structured cabling, rack cabinets, cameras, Access Points, MFD devices, and conference rooms, Sii has also fully constructed and equipped server rooms from scratch. New network devices were delivered and launched, and communication from two independent suppliers was configured as well as servers, data backup equipment, and emergency power supply. The last stage was the installation of monitoring, RCP, VoIP telephony, and secure printing systems.

Detailed work plan during the lockdown

When the building was made available to Sii experts, the team was ready to work.

– We knew what and when we were going to do, and the required equipment was already waiting in our warehouses. We were following our plan and regularly informing the client about work progress and emerging threats, and we encountered quite a few of them due to lockdown. Despite many difficulties, we managed to complete the project on time, and Dywidag employees started working in the new location they started working on the agreed date – says Kamil Polniaszek, Project Manager at Sii Poland.

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