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During Agile & Automation Days our experts will be talking about Test Automation and Continuous Testing

Agile Automation Days, a conference dedicated to Test Automation Specialists, Scrum Masters, Test Leads, will take place in Cracow, on October 15th and 16th 2018. Sii has become the main sponsor of this event and to take this opportunity to present its expertise in the test automation area. Sii will be represented by Adam Bęben, Test Development Engineer, who will talk about a web apps automation test framework and Sii’s partner – Tricentis – guest speaker Ferrie Wolff, Tosca Solution Architect, who will introduce the subject of its flagship solution being integrated into DevOps toolchain.

Agile and Automation Days is a conference that covers topics regarding software testing, with strong focus on agile and test automation. Apart from lectures and expert panels, attendees can also take part in mini-workshops offering an opportunity to exchange knowledge with one of the best specialists in the industry.

Sii has become the main sponsor of the event, during which the company representative Adam Bęben, Test Development Engineer, will discuss how to improve web apps automation test framework. Moreover, as a part of a new partnership, Sii has invited Ferrie Wolff, Tosca Solution Architect, from Tricentis, a leading software testing company, to present benefits of integrating Tosca – company’s Continuous Testing platform – into the DevOps toolchain.

Both speakers agreed to give us a short summary of the most important concepts covered by their respective presentations.

Barbara Kun, Marketing Account Manager: Adam, your presentation is entitled Next steps to improve web apps automation test framework. Could you tell us what will be the main focus of your speech?

Adam Bęben, Test Development Engineer, Sii: I will present ideas how to make your life easier when developing automated tests. There are opinions that UI tests are brittle, but it doesn’t always have be that way.

B.K.: Ferrie, in your presentation entitled DevOps integration of Tosca into the toolchain, you will give a live demonstration on how the Model Based Test Automation approach of Tricentis’ Tosca can integrate in the DevOps toolchain. What would you like to highlight about this solution?

Ferrie Wolff, Tosca Solution Architect, Tricentis: With DevOps you need to stay up to speed and to be able to deliver IT solutions in a fast way to the needs of the business. But if you lack the quality regardless of speed, you will still stay behind. That is where Tosca comes in. It can help in making continuous testing possible throughout the complete DevOps process. It should be possible to provide feedback about the quality of your release as fast as possible and testing should not be the bottleneck where delays are. Therefore, making testing successful requires easy automation and especially easy maintenance. At the end of the demo the attendees will see how easy and fast automation can be done to assure quality at each moment in the toolchain.

B.K.: Why have you decided to cover this topic?

A.B.: Most of the companies developing web-based applications write UI tests. And WebDriver is the most popular choice. Being an automated tests developer for the last few years I’ve come across some common issues regarding testing UI’s. I hope that presented issues and solutions will keep someone from walking the wrong path.

F.W.: In DevOps it is all about automation and integration to speed up the delivery process. Quality must be assured and it should also be automated as much (and early) as possible. To achieve it, the complete continuous testing platform of Tosca enables companies to achieve this in an easy way without programming. That way it is transparent for the entire company what the status of the release is at any moment in the development process.

B.K.: Agile & Automation Days is a well-known two-day conference with hundreds of people attending each year. It is mainly dedicated to Test Automation Specialists, Scrum Masters, Test Leads. In your opinion, who would be the most interested in your presentation?

A.B.: Mainly automated tests developers that started writing UI tests and know already that they are not easy to maintain.

F.W.: In my opinion it is suitable for everybody. Quality is important in DevOps chain and is the responsibility for every developer and tester. Tosca supports the quality process for each person involved in an easy way without programming. To give you some examples, it makes clear what the risk is for the business if some requirements fail. Moreover, it helps you decide to go live or where to focus on in the planning and management phase. Business users, who are able to give their feedback in an easy way where Tosca supports this process, are also welcome. And for testers the automation has become very easy to create and maintain, and to reuse the artifacts as much as possible, without the maintenance issue. So, quality is the responsibility for everybody and Tosca makes it able to support this.

We invite you to visit the website and take a closer look at their offer regarding testing services.

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