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e-KRK platform implemented by Sii for the Ministry of Justice

The project was implemented in a consortium with a Wroclaw company – Cohesiva.

The service, available from 1st of July, 2014 at, provides the registered users with the possibility of raising queries and obtaining responses to them from the National Criminal Register without the necessity of visiting its Information Office in person, which greatly facilitates the communication between the claimant and the Authority and at the same time makes the process of obtaining certificates more convenient and cost-effective.

The European Union with the use of the European Regional Development Fund co-funded the project  which was the third phase of the program: “Construction of the electronic system services  of the Ministry of Justice including the provision of solutions for entrepreneurs and individuals by enabling the electronic access to the departments of the National Register Court, the National Criminal Register, the Office of Court and Economic Monitor”.

In a brief time, as it took Sii just 12 weeks to deliver the turnkey solution to the Ministry of Justice – says Danuta Legięć, Director of Sii Public Sector. – The project was implemented comprehensively and entailed the production of a complex software system dedicated to e-KRK, which required conducting the functional analysis and implementing system design. Moreover, with the Wroclaw Cohesiva, we delivered not only the IT infrastructure and software tools but also performed their integration with the existing information system of the National Criminal Register. Lastly, we delt with the consolidation of the new  and the external systems (including the e-PUAP – and the electronic payment system).

Additionally, the project embraced conducting trainings on the service for NCR Office Information employees, creating  documentation for the recipients of the platform. Also, it is worth mentioning that the service is covered by warranty services.

To find out more about the new service, please visit  the websites of the Ministry of Justice dedicated to the promotion of the project: or


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