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Excellent Customer Experience makes consumers convert more often – learn how to improve your sales with Adobe Experience Manager

The dynamically changing reality drives the need for improvements and the ongoing technological revolution favors the growth of the e-commerce industry. Companies are constantly looking for solutions that would maximize the user experience.  Using digital sources such as documents, images, infographics, videos, and applications is an effective way to achieve this goal, which in turn is leading to stronger brand-customer relationships. However, optimizing the Customer Experience is not that simple. Providing users with relevant and personalized content at every stage and across multiple channels requires robust and multi-faceted digital solutions.

Among modern technologies supporting e-commerce-type businesses, there is Adobe Experience Manager. Sii Poland experts tell us what AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) is and why it is the preferred CMS platform for companies that are constantly developing.

The challenges of the modern e-commerce world

According to The US Customer Experience Index 2021 report published by Forrester Research, global brands are showing a clear trend of transformation towards Customer Experience. Some of the most successful brands are proving that a strong customer experience is a better discriminator during a purchase decision than a product or price.

Although the public health crisis accelerated consumers’ shift to digital technologies, these behavioral changes were already evident before the pandemic hit and will last longer than it. Consumers are more willing to use modern technology in a variety of areas, from retail through banking to healthcare.

Many companies face the challenge of understanding their customers’ needs and creating a unique experience that allows them to connect with their customers on an emotional level. So how to meet the challenges faced by companies whose business is based on online sales?

Sii helps e-commerce business

Today, users shopping online expect an efficient and intuitive user experience. The shopping process needs to be simple and effective. Buyers want to be able to choose the method of payment, type of delivery, or the date of return. They are willing to use new ways of building relationships with brands, such as loyalty programs, dedicated promotions, or discounts offered based on previous purchases.

–  When developing solutions for our clients from the e-commerce industry, we always try to offer them a solution that centralizes marketing processes and makes them easier to manage – says Marcin Kozłowski, E-commerce Competency Center Director at Sii Poland. As a partner of Adobe and the largest provider of technology consulting and digital transformation services in Poland, Sii offers a number of possibilities to companies whose business is based on e-commerce. Thanks to the experience, which we have gained during 15 years of conducting numerous implementations, our experts propose solutions, which really translate into the improvement of sales. For companies interested in developing in the area of online sales, we offer Adobe Experience Cloud and its dedicated components such as Adobe Experience Manager, which allow for centralization of marketing processes and optimization of costs – adds Marcin Kozłowski.

One of the examples of the challenges that our specialists had to face was the implementation of a flagship product to the e-commerce system based on Adobe Experience Manager in only 13 days. Sii developers, while implementing the product for the global leader in consumer electronics, faced such challenges as:

  • short time for development and authoring,
  • simultaneous implementation on several dozen of European markets,
  • required coherence of layouts of both purchasing and marketing pages for a given product.

New opportunities to improve customer experience

Adobe Experience Manager is a product that is part of Adobe Experience Cloud, which consists of many integrated products for online marketing and web analytics. The ability to combine them gives an unprecedented opportunity to improve Customer Experience and content management.

AEM is a tool that allows you to take your e-commerce-based business to the next level because. It makes it easy to manage digital assets such as documents, user engagement options, and social networks in one place.

The tool was recognized as the best Digital Experience Platform in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report1. Integrating important content management and digital marketing functions, AEM provides both businesses and users with a superior experience and uncomplicated workflow.

Adobe AEM as a leader among Digtal Experience platforms [Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms, Irina Guseva, Mick MacComascaigh, Mike Lowndes, January 26, 2021.]

The biggest benefit of Adobe Experience Manager is that it simplifies content management to an unprecedented degree. Teams can use AEM as a central platform that brings together current marketing processes and various channels. With the ability to manage all online channels in one place, companies can reduce response times to market events, thereby increasing marketing effectiveness.

In addition, Adobe Experience Manager addresses the needs of all marketing project participants, as shown in the table below:

What does Adobe Experience Manager give you in practice?

The possibilities of AEM are enormous, in practice it gives you for example unlimited number of personalized website variants. Thanks to it, it is possible to develop the format, design and style of your site adapted to a given target group or market, and even the time or form of its delivery.

Adobe Experience Manager makes it possible to collect data, which subsequently makes it easier to create personalized messages. Thanks to Adobe Analytics, it is possible to study consumer behavior. Based on this knowledge, we can introduce changes to our websites or campaigns. This in turn results in increased consumer engagement and leads to increased revenue from e-commerce channels.

Successful e-commerce requires integrated solutions

E-commerce is more than just creating user experiences online. Very important components are: data analysis, creating effective campaigns, and user paths to accurately reach the largest possible audience. Although you can find many tools, that will make the whole thing work when combined, it is a much more difficult approach. Integrations between multiple tools can be very complicated, not to mention optimizing them. Therefore, the solution that companies need is a ready-made product with all digital tools integrated. Adobe Experience Manager together with the Adobe Experience Cloud package is a perfect solution in such situations.

  When implementing Adobe Experience Manager for our customers, we always adjust the scope of activities depending on the needs of the organization. We understand that implementing a new e-commerce platform is a challenge, so our experts watch over every stage of the process. We also train individual units of the organization so that they can use the full potential of Adobe Experience Manager and be able to adapt it to their needs – says Marcin Kozłowski.

Visit our website and learn more about our solutions for businesses based on E-commerce.


[1] Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms, Irina Guseva, Mick MacComascaigh, Mike Lowndes, January 26, 2021.

Marcin Kozłowski

E-commerce Competency Center Director

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