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Expand your knowledge of Blockchain, AI, DevOps or Agile. Explore over 150 training courses by Sii Training Practice

Sii Poland hires over 6 000 specialists and has a huge base of expert practitioners on board. Thanks to this access to such expertise, the company is able to respond quickly to the emerging market demand for training in the newest technologies, tools and methodologies. In recent months, a number of workshops have been conducted in areas such as blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and ServiceNow, which is being used by companies around the world in the field of IT risk management. Find out more about Training Practice in Sii Poland and choose the right class for you or your company. 

Sii Poland which is the biggest provider of technology consulting, digital transformation, BPO and engineering services in Poland, on a daily basis also offers a wide range of trainings. They are addressed to IT specialists, those who want to start their careers in the IT industry, as well as to companies investing in the development of their employees’ competences. 

For over five years experienced trainers and experts in their fields have trained over 5 000 people, receiving an average mark of 4,73/5. Currently, the Training Practice offers over 150 trainings grouped into several categories:

But that’s not all. Technologies, tools and methodologies are constantly evolving. Thanks to the practical knowledge of the latest solutions and trends, Sii Poland also organizes training in areas that are gaining popularity and the business clients are already interested in.  Such trainings in recent months include, among others, “ServiceNow”, “Machine Learning”, “Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the cloud”, “Blockchain” and many more. Sii’s experience in educating specialists from various industries, such as banking. automotive, IT, logistics and media, along with the ability to create programs tailored to the specific needs of different companies is undoubtedly a great advantage of Sii as a provider of these services. Here are some of the recently held trainings: 

Bespoke Blockchain workshop

One of the goals of the training conducted by the trainers of the Training Practice during the pandemic to the world’s largest producer of components and microprocessors for personal computers was to provide a group of a dozen employees with the knowledge about the blockchain technology. It is used to collect and disseminate digital information related to transactions made on the Internet, ensuring their security and transparency. 

The following topics were raised during the training: 

  • genesis, philosophy and assumptions of blockchain technology, 
  • differences between blockchain technology, bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, 
  • basic cryptographic concepts, 
  • practical application of blockchain technology in various industries. 

The program formulated in this way helped recipients understand the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, make them aware of the effects of changes that they may cause in the economy in the near future, and develop the ability to assess the usefulness of blockchain-based technologies for solving practical problems that they encounter in business. 

A series of webinars, incl. in the area of AI, Cloud Computing and Deep Learning

As part of a series of trainings organized for a Swiss financial company, webinars were conducted for a group of several dozen IT specialists with various needs related to topics and tools in the area of new technologies. They were addressed, among others, through meetings devoted to topics such as: 

  • Machine Learning, 
  • Deep Learning and artificial intelligence in the cloud, 
  • Apache Kafka as a data streaming platform, 
  • optimization and cost control of Cloud Computing, 
  • Kubernetes – containers orchestration, 
  • Asset Portfolio Optimization with the use of genetic algorithms. 

The substantive scopes prepared in such a way, corresponding to the formula of short 2-hour webinars, allowed the participants to gain practical knowledge increasing their efficiency, as well as to learn about the latest innovations that could aid the direction of the development of innovation in the company. 


Sii organized a series of workshops for the leading TV broadcaster in Poland. Their aim was to familiarize technical teams and end users with the ITSM module in ServiceNow – a cloud computing platform that supports the digital transformation of an organization by improving the flow of operational processes. 

Due to the diversity of the participants’ needs, they were divided into groups and discussed a variety of issues and topics, among which were the  following: 

  • change management, 
  • incident management, 
  • query management, 
  • problem management, 
  • asset management. 

The workshops helped the organization in its pursuit of flexible action and problem solving in a way that creates innovation and cooperation, and at the same time helps the company adapt to its environment.

Apache Kafka workshops

For one of the largest banks in Poland Sii trainers organized dedicated workshops for ca. 50 people involved in the software development process as well as for members of project teams. 

Thanks to a adequately prepared thematic scope, it was possible to solve the most frequently occurring problems. While creating the program, Sii diagnosed the needs in the areas of: 

  • A practical approach to stream programming, 
  • Key mechanisms of the Apache Kafka platform 
  • Programming environments, 
  • Rules for building streaming architecture. 

After the workshops, the introduction to creating real-time systems and building streaming architecture based on the Apache Kafka platform, participants are now able to independently create applications using Apache Kafka, install and administer the platform, and process data stream. 

Blue Prism

Faced with the need of constant optimization of the processes and their efficiency, companies often decide to implement Robotic Process Automation tools. For one of the clients, from the largest financial groups in Poland, Sii Poland conducted a dedicated 4-day workshop for future RPA developers, during which participants were presented with the basic possibilities of Blue Prism: 

  • creating and developing own business objects, 
  • configuration and testing of basic automation processes, 
  • session management and control of automation processes in the production environment, 
  • implementation and management of automation processes in Blue Prism depending on various business needs, 
  • creating and maintaining the required design documentation for each automation process. 

The participants also got to know: 

  • examples of basic automation scenarios, 
  • sample business objects, 
  • best practices, 
  • paths for solving problems with the daily work of robots. 

As a result, the training helped the attendees discover new technologies and create opportunities for their practical use in the future with the company’s own internal resources. 

If you want to learn more about the completed Sii Poland training courses, you will find them HERE. 

Are you looking for training for you, your company or you want to enter the IT industry or retrain? Check the list of available trainings with their upcoming dates or contact the Sii Poland training expert. 

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