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Finnish start-up Scrooge confirms: Sii rules!

For almost a year Si has been cooperating with Scrooge. The Finnish start-up appreciated Sii as a flexible and reliable supplier of comprehensive services combining development, testing and maintenance of software.

Scrooge is a Finnish start-up that supports its customers in the joint financing of purchases or projects as well as the related process of mutual settlement of groups of friends via a dedicated mobile application. Expenses and debts can be assigned to people from a phone’s contact book. The founders of the service wanted their product to be based on modern technologies. Scrooge started its cooperation with Sii as it has a team of programmers with extensive competence in mobile technologies such as Xamarin.

During nine months of cooperation, Sii provided an application perfectly tailored to the needs of the client and the users of its service. The application by Scrooge is available in app stores from Apple, Google and Microsoft. Sii is responsible not only for the front end, but also for the back end layer. “Sii has provided our company with a scalable back end, so that we are ready to dominate the world!” – says Janne Haila, founder and Creative Director of Scrooge.

Establishing cooperation with Sii was not solely based on the attractiveness of the financial conditions offered to the founders of Scrooge. “When a company just entering the market chooses a provider of development services, the financial factor plays a leading role, but that’s not all. Sii’s offer was financially attractive, and at the same time included full service – development, testing and maintenance of applications. This wide range of services is almost unparalleled in the market, and certainly not on such attractive terms” – says Samu Saastamoinen, co-founder and CEO.

The founders of Scrooge appreciate the direct relationship with the provider of development services. Working with Sii they can report their ideas and comments on an ongoing basis. Five developers at Sii permanently work for Scrooge and are responsible for the development and correct performance of the application as well as for ongoing relations with the client.

“Our cooperation is good. Sii is able to flexibly respond to diverse needs, and this is crucial in the ever-changing market. Developers always react quickly, allowing us to quickly introduce both technological modifications and those related to the user interface” – adds Samu Saastamoinen.

In the consumer market quality is an absolute requirement. Also in this area Sii proved itself as a reliable partner. “Sii offers services at a very high level. In order to guarantee the highest possible quality of the application development process and for the purposes of talks with potential investors, we performed an external audit of the technological software developed by Sii. The results were very good. Sii has adopted best practice, and so the logic of our software is understandable for users. All development activities are carried out carefully, and so we are on the right path towards further development” – explains Janne Haila.

For over 10 years Sii has offered comprehensive services – development, testing and maintaining applications based on all popular technologies. Nearly a year of successful cooperation with Sii unequivocally confirmed the belief of the founders of Scrooge that the choice of the technology partner was the right one.

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